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What to wear when you go ‘boo!’


Customers shop inside of a costume store.

All holidays have their aesthetics and styles. However, not many of them encourage individuals to put a little of themselves into the look of the holiday. While Christmas has some people wear red and green, or dress in outfits to look like Santa Claus, Halloween allows people to dress up as whatever they want. Sure, the holiday is supposed to be scary, but how many disturbing costumes does one end up seeing when trick-or-treating time comes around? Whether someone is looking to buy something online or meticulously make a costume themselves, here are some costume ideas for this spooky season.
Proven classics, like witch and superhero costumes, are often seen around this time, but there are still plenty of options for anyone looking for something more modern. This summer was practically defined by the fifth season of “Stranger Things,” and its villain haunted the nightmares of many viewers. So, if someone is looking to scare, they could do far worse than Vecna.
This is a costume that should probably be bought online, as it has a great deal of detail and would be extremely difficult to recreate at home. However, others may want to rise up to the challenge. The makeup artists and cosplayers out there might enjoy applying themselves and being creative. If that’s the chosen course of anyone reading, then good luck!
How about something that came out this year that is a little more kid friendly? “Minions: The Rise of Gru” was not only a hit, but an internet sensation. One TikTok trend encouraged teens to wear suit and ties while attending screenings of the movie. However, this suggestion isn’t suit and ties, but the minions themselves.
There are a variety of ways to dress up as these little yellow guys.  Trying to look exactly like the animated characters in the movies is one way to do it, or the costume could be created by simply wearing overalls, some goggles and a yellow bald cap. The simplicity of the minions’ design makes it extremely easy to imitate. However, if the costume isn’t immediately recognizable as a minion, repeating the word “banana” in a funny voice should help others figure things out.
Another television series that helped define the summer was “Obi-Wan Kenobi” on Disney+. Viewers of the series should have no trouble picturing the titular character in their mind’s eye. Robed and bearded, Obi-Wan made his way through the galaxy with his lightsaber in hand. So, using some robes, a fake beard and a toy lightsaber, a DIY Halloween costume could be created in no time.
On the other hand, some might find the idea of putting so little into a Star Wars character to be lazy. That being said, Obi-Wan wasn’t the only one people tuned in for. Darth Vader, with his black mask and robes, is a character that could be easily imitated, by covering completely in robes and a mask. It’s a pretty common costume and is relatively easy to find.
Finally, there is one other classic Halloween costume that has become a bit more relevant. Michael Myers, the boogeyman from the classic “Halloween” franchise, is returning this month with “Halloween Ends.” The mask is instantly recognizable and completely embodies the spirit of the holiday. It covers the wearer up with a spooky alter ego, and when they knock on someone’s door, they’ll be sure to get a treat. Afterall, nobody wants to see his tricks.

In whatever ways one chooses to dress, creepy or tame, they should just remember to make it their own. That’s where the fun of it all is!

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