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Staying fit this fall

Hunter Berry
UMass Boston Recreation League Flag Football players enjoy a late night game. Photo by Hunter Berry / Mass Media Staff

Having fun and being active should be accessible to all, especially to students living in Boston. A number of sports can be played both indoors and outdoors, while others are more suited to one environment over another.

Boston offers a wide range of sports clubs where students and the local public can enjoy sporting activities, most notably indoor facilities, so that many can enjoy indoor sports. Due to the wild weather here in Boston, it becomes difficult for people to enjoy some of the outdoor sports, compared to ice hockey, skating or other indoor activities.

Moreover, to enjoy some other athletics during winter, these clubs in Boston have made it possible to play indoors.

The YMCA offers memberships for all to engage in recreational activities or to keep in shape while also offering benefits for children to help them develop physically and keep themselves engaged in sports. Some of the activities, whether it be basketball, swimming or others, can help develop a person’s interpersonal and athletic abilities, all while keeping them physically engaged so that they can excel not only in academics, but also in extracurricular activities .

Furthermore, many clubs here in Boston also have swimming pools and fitness centers, that offer activities such as weightlifting, yoga and pilates.  These three are also available at the Beacon Fitness Center in McCormack Hall.

There are some parks in Boston, like Hemenway Park, where people can enjoy outdoor sports as well. The park on Adams Street is home to UMass Boston’s intramural flag football league. UMass Boston also plays intramural soccer at Ceylon Park. The parks in and around the city are another good way to enjoy playing sports, whether it’s just a pickup game with friends or a more competitive intramural and organized recreation event.

As for some winter sports students can play, racquetball is offered on many college campuses, UMass Boston included. It is a team sport played with a hollow rubber ball on an indoor or outdoor court. It’s somewhat similar to the game of squash, so it is not difficult for people familiar with squash to get used to it.

Sports are a great way to stay active, whether it’s a game outside with friends or a yoga class on the weekends. No matter how students choose to spend their free time, physical activity always proves to be worthwhile.  For students looking for facilities on campus, check out UMass Boston Recreation on instagram at @umb_rec or online at, umb.edu/recreation. As always, feel free to head on down to the fitness center on the first floor of McCormack Hall seven days a week.

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