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“Ready on set!”: Upcoming movies filmed in Boston

Boston has been known for many things, from historical events like the Boston Massacre, to smaller details, such its peoples’ love for coffee. However, it has never really been known for bright lights and big cameras. But with the permanent extensions of tax incentives for film productions to shoot in Massachusetts, it seems that this may soon change (1). With that being said, it may be wise to take a look at what’s already been shot in Massachusetts.

The biggest movie to have been shot in Massachusetts is the upcoming movie from Marvel Studios, “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.” While the majority of the film was shot in Florida, a few scenes were filmed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and in Worcester.

This may seem curious to some, as all advertising for the film has seemed to point to it having a primary setting of Wakanda and the ocean. It might have something to do with a new character in the film, Riri Williams, who has a background as an MIT student in the comics the film is adapting. Whatever the case, residents of Massachusetts should take some pride in knowing that the movie was partially filmed right in this state.

For those more into realistic and darker stories, this next movie should be of a bit more interest. The film, “Boston Strangler,” has recently shot scenes in Belmont, Braintree, Lowell, Lynn, Malden and Boston. Based on true events, the film details the story of Loretta McLaughlin, a Boston Record American reporter, who investigated the murder of several women in the area back in the 1960s. Starring Keira Knightley and Carrie Coon, the film is set to release next year.

A few months back, social media was flooded with pictures of Zendaya in Boston. Many locals were happy to see the star in real life instead of on the silver screen, but were still curious about one thing: Just what exactly was she doing here? Besides the fact that she and her Marvel boyfriend recently bought a townhouse in the city, she was also filming a new movie, “Challengers.”

The movie centers around tennis and is described as a romance that takes a look at a tennis coach—played by Zendaya—who has turned her husband into a globally known professional. The husband is played by Mike Faist and the film is set to be released next year. Some of the filming for this movie was spotted in the Back Bay by people passing by.

Finally, one movie that has been shot in many different locations in the state is “Finestkind.” Filming locations include Brockton, Dedham, Fairhaven, Scituate, Stoughton and New Bedford. The film stars Tommy Lee Jones, Ben Foster and Jenna Ortega, and tells the story of two separated brothers who reunite in their adulthood and make a deal with the Boston crime syndicate. Having been picked up by Paramount+, a drop date has not yet been scheduled (4).

The “lights, camera, action!” way of life is not for everyone. Whether one is hoping to see movie stars grace our presence or wants Hollywood to stay in Hollywood, there is still no denying that something interesting is going on. Whether this changes the Boston area drastically or whether things go nowhere, there is a sense of possibility in the air for positive or negative change. One day, Bostonians may all have some version of this question ringing through their heads: “Was that really Chris Hemsworth or just someone who looked like him?”

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