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Why students should attend UMass Boston’s intramural sports league

Olivia Reid
A group of students enjoy a game at Clark Athletic Center. Photo by Olivia Reid / Mass Media Staff

Boston, Mass., is home to several major professional sports franchises. Sports are a major part of the city’s culture, as well as the culture of the Greater Boston area. Boston sports fans are especially known for their fanatical devotion to the Red Sox and their knowledge of the team’s history.

A sports enthusiast’s love for the game includes everything from preparation and anticipation, to watching the actual game, enjoying the replays and highlights, and discussing everything about the game afterward—including the teams, the coaches and their favorite, or not-so-favorite, players.

Likewise, UMass Boston conducts sports events on campus, and they are super fun to be involved in. Many of the new international students are excited about their journey with the university and are excited to make memories at these events. Through these unifying experiences, sports become an integral part of the university’s extra-curricular activities.

Most international students come here with the hope of achieving something in life, and sometimes leave behind the sports they used to play in their respective countries. UMass Boston gives those students an opportunity to relive those sports and moments in order to make their overall experience here a memorable one.

Students will have another chance to capitalize on these school-organized events at the end of September. UMass Boston holds intramural sports leagues in the Clark Athletic Center, which offer a wide array of athletic and recreational opportunities for students, alumni and staff.

The league is meant for people who wish to play a sport with less of a commitment than collegiate sports, while still having a set schedule of games and some healthy competition. In other words, it’s meant for those who want to play simply for the love of the game.

The intramural sports program is open to all current UMass Boston students and faculty. Students can expect to enjoy healthy competition, camaraderie and a social environment. It also offers fitness benefits, stress relief and a short break from classes and studying.

This kind of event not only helps students excel in a particular sport, but also helps students make connections with people of different diversities and backgrounds. Students have the opportunity to meet people they may have never crossed paths with otherwise. Furthermore, if someone is not good at a particular sport, they get a chance to learn it and improve by participating in a league with those who have more experience. The league can also help students develop more as a person as they grow in new situations.

The venue of the leagues, Clark Athletic Center, gives everyone an equitable view of the pitch, provides comfortable temperatures and shields fans from the extreme elements that can come from playing during heavy rain, wind or snow.

The league is exciting, not only for students who wish to join, but also for students who wish to watch. Attending the games is a great way to engage with other classmates on the stands and to support the students who are playing in the gym. Through student attendance, the athletes get to feel driving energy from the fans, just like collegiate athletes do.

The event starts on Sept. 26, and includes sports such as flag football, indoor cricket, outdoor soccer, volleyball, basketball and badminton—which includes singles as well as doubles. For more information, students should visit the IMLeagues page on the UMass Boston Athletics website, and register for the sports events that are coming up.

It’s the start of yet another season, the autumn nights are vibrant, and groups get to gather around to cheer on their friends and support their teams. It is an atmosphere of noisy crowds, bright lighting and music that affects live attendees’ emotional and behavioral responses.

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