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Favorite spots and pastimes on campus

Olivia Reid
Students take advantage of the free pool table offered in the Campus Center’s game room. Photo by Olivia Reid / Mass Media Staff

As the semester of Fall 2022 kicks off, new students may be wondering what types of extra activities and other forms of recreation are available at the UMass Boston campus. I’m happy to say that there is no lack of recreational activities at UMass Boston, and one can find students indulging in many activities. Examples include, putting in a good workout at the UMass Boston gym, finding gaming stations and pool or snooker in the Game Room, participating in water sports such as kayaking or even taking a tour of Boston Harbor from the Fox Point Dock.  

Let’s kick off with the Game Room, which is one of my personal favorite spots on campus. Located on the ground level of the Campus Center, the Game Room invites all students to come take a break before, in between or after classes. Students looking to do a bit of gaming have plenty of options ranging from various consoles—PC, Nintendo Switch, Xboxes or PlayStation—where players can choose from a wide variety of game choices available at the Game Room reception. Students can choose to play any of the game titles solo or find a multiplayer game where they can challenge other players who are interestedor even go online to find an opponent using the internet. Look out for titles such as Super Smash Bros. on Nintendo Switch, or FIFA on PlayStation and PC, which seem to be the most played titles in the Game Room. Students can also choose to play some pool by inviting other students around the room, which is never a problem as there are many fans of pool in the Game Room.

Another aspect of recreation at UMass Boston is exercise. Exercising is not only good for keeping in shape, but is also great for the mind. A fully equipped gym on the ground level of the McCormack building is open to all UMass Boston students and offers all types of equipment for students to use, including free-weights, machines, resistance training and even a badminton court to play a friendly game with fellow mates or even other new students. A quick gym session between class is what is recommended for those who like to do short-burst workouts; but for those who like to indulge in longer workouts, after-class gym sessions are the most appropriate, as there is no time constraint and one can exercise until the gym closes for the day—9:30 p.m. during weekdays, 7 p.m. during the weekend.  

UMass Boston students can also participate in kayaking events, which originate at the Fox Point dock. But for those not looking to exert a lot of energy, UMass Boston also offers tours of Boston Harbor, depending on the time, weather and season, on their dedicated boat called the Columbia Point. Fantastic views of the Seaport and Boston Harbor can be observed on these tours, making for a lovely day at sea. It is recommended to indulge in water activities during sunny weather as it can get cold as boats move further out to sea, and passengers would have to resort to the indoor cabin of the boat instead of out on the deck where one can enjoy beautiful sights and gorgeous weather. A little bit of planning can ensure students have a great experience.  

Additionally, UMass Boston’s Intramural Sports organization offers sports such as basketball, which is also open to students within specific timeslots. Here, students can participate in pickup games with their friends or even do a bit of solo practicing.

As you can see, there is just no shortage of recreational activities at UMass Boston and students have a lot to look forward to on campus apart from their academicsThese activities can provide students with leisure and comfort of mind while tackling the academic semester of Fall 2022.

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