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Up your fashion game with these trends

Olivia Reid
A student looks through the clothing racks at Target for some affordable back to school clothes. Photo by Olivia Reid / Mass Media Staff

The fashion calendar changes like the weather. One person can make a viral video about an item that then becomes sold out the next day. People tend to gravitate toward trends because they are easy to follow, especially when everyone else is wearing similar pieces. While it may not be sustainable to follow trends all of the time, here are some fun ones for the upcoming season.

Fashion is often cyclical, meaning trends from twenty or thirty years ago are often coming back again today. As José Criales Unzueta from Vogue said, “It was true for Y2K, and it was true for ’90s grunge when it came back via Tumblr in the early 2010s” (1).  Fall 2022 brings in many of these trends to follow, starting off with baggy jeans. This comfortable clothing alternative is very useful in transitioning away from the typical rotation of sweatpants. 

They have steadily become a street style and Instagram fit photo favorite. Bella Hadid and Hailey Bieber have mastered the daily styling of these pants and both have many outfit inspiration photos on their social media pages. Baggy pants are also excellent for making the switch from summer to fall.  They go with everything from puffer jackets and duster cardigans to cropped t-shirts and heavy coats. It’s time to add at least one pair to the wardrobe cycle.  

The next thing that just uplifts the entire outfit’s aesthetic is jewelry because it brings the whole outfit together. As Vogue journalist Laird Borrelli Persson puts it, “bracelets and jeweled barrettes might not be able to keep out the cold, but a pretty bauble can certainly warm the heart. Beyond their intrinsic value, there’s a strong emotional aspect to these small and special adornments” (2). This will be something everyone can wear as jewelry is very versatile and goes with most of the outfits. Some popular pieces now include gold and silver chains, earrings, colorful clay rings and more. 

As college starts, students need an everyday bag. Tote bags are totally chic and go with everything.  They are roomy and have a very contemporary design. The price can vary quite a bit, so it totally depends on one’s budget. Kristen Nichols from WWD describes it as “the ultimate everyday bag” (3).

Starting your first week of college and selecting an outfit feels daunting. For some, following a trend is easier, while others may want to stick to their own style. Trend-shopping can be really heavy on the wallet and usually trends don’t last very long, so buying timeless pieces may be a more sustainable option.

One of the main ways people express their personalities and set themselves apart from others is through their sense of style. As every new year comes and goes, new trends emerge— all of which aim to be more vibrant and stylish than those from the previous year. Trends are here for people to follow but what one needs to do is to find their niche, because after all, whatever they wear must make them feel comfortable and confident. Like the laws of this country, fashion trends change all the time.

Staying on top of fashion trends says volumes about one’s personality. It also comes with a sense of acceptance and belonging, along with a new found confidence. Clothing has the ability to open doorways to meet others who share similar interests, either through shopping or just one giving another a compliment. Once someone figures out their own style and finds comfort in it, they will dress quickly and with self-assurance in their wardrobe. 

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