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ISIS’ Destruction of Nimrud Further Proof They Must Be Stopped Now

It seems like the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is doing everything it can now to make sure it is the most hated group in the world. Between the hostile take-overs of Iraqi cities and the capturing and beheading of multiple journalists from all around the world, ISIS is hell-bent on causing as much chaos and as many casualties as possible. Recently, they have taken it into their hands to bulldoze the ancient Assyrian city of Nimrud, located in northern Iraq on the Tigris River.

This is not the first time ISIS has destroyed ancient artifacts. For the past year there have been reports of ISIS destroying artifacts in museums and ancient sites. Now, one might wonder what reason ISIS would have for tearing apart this ancient city.

Isis members claim that these artifacts go against their beliefs and must be terminated. Statues are viewed as false idols and must be destroyed to preserve ISIS’ religious beliefs. The irrationality of ISIS is only perpetuated by its radical ignorance and must be stopped.

Not only is ISIS destroying ancient cities, but also some claim that ISIS is using the more valuable artifacts to fund its cause. It is funding its murderous campaign at the expense of lost human history. It is very clear that ISIS has no regard for humanity in general and it must be stopped. This is not just a Middle East problem, nor an American problem. It is a world threat and it is going to take the world to stop it.

ISIS has taken to social media to promote a radical and terrifying form of terrorism. It asks people who wish to join the cause to carry out independent attacks of their own, meaning that they have no actual affiliation with the group, but the attacks are done in the group’s name.

What this means is that predicting terrorist attacks is that much more difficult and that almost no one is safe. If Iraq cannot protect its ancient cities from ISIS attacks, who is to say we’ll be able to protect our monuments? It is clear that the eradication of human history is a goal for ISIS, and there are a lot of places ISIS could choose to attack that would accomplish just that.

ISIS is doing everything it can to make sure everyone hates it, and it’s safe to say it’s working. The members have put themselves on enough radars to make it clear that they are not going to be tolerated much longer. Iraqi forces are moving in on their overtaken cities and have asked various countries for airstrikes after the attack on Nimrud.

The more time wasted not attacking this threat, the more history is erased in the name of pure ignorance. The bulldozing of Nimrud could be a turning point for how countries perceive ISIS, showing that nothing is safe from its destruction, hopefully awakening people to the danger it pose to not only America, but the world.