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Groupons and Other Such Coupons

Groupon and similar sites, offer many services you actually want to buy, at discounted prices

Looking to fill up your social calendar with fun and hip things but don’t have a lot of money to do so? Consider exploring Groupon and other “deal of the day” websites to buy fun things you can actually use at insanely discounted prices.

Websites like Groupon, Living Social, Trubates, and Gilt City have come into extreme popularity recently and present themselves as a ruthless way to save money on things you actually want to do and stuff you actually want to buy.

There is barely any reason to spend your money buying things like meals, massages, and fitness packages at full price anymore what with all of the cheap deals coming through your email everyday.

Buying yoga classes (which are notoriously expensive) full price will be a thing of the past as one of these popular daily deal sites are sure to be offering some sort of yoga package at any given time. Gilt City, for example is currently offering up to 65% off yoga classes at Health Yoga Life in Beacon Hill. Five classes, which would have been $85 normally, are being offered at only $29.

Other things typically offered include many different spa services such as manicures, pedicures and facials, restaurant deals, and entertainment packages. Even things you would normally buy such as a pair of eyeglasses or a car wash currently have coupons on Groupon.com.

The way sites like Groupon operate are by offering the user the opportunity to pay a portion of the price of the goods now and then redeeming the coupon later in return for more than what you paid. It’s like buying a gift certificate and using it to buy more than what it’s actually worth.

For example, you could purchase a $25 Groupon for $50 worth of food at a participating restaurant, thus receiving half off what you would have spent without one. Companies use sites like this as a marketing tactic and to build their business. Don’t think that what you’re getting isn’t going to be good just because it’s offered on one of these sites. Companies are hoping you will try their product, like it, and come back to purchase more at full price.

There is of course a downside to daily deal sites, and it’s a similar phenomenon to what I like to refer to as “sale syndrome.” Sale Syndrome (SS) is what happens when you purchase something that you didn’t actually need just because it was on sale and you got a good deal on it.

It’s certainly hard to say no to some of the email offers websites like this send you once you sign up, but rest assured even after your Groupon expires you will still be able to use it towards the original amount you paid for it.

There is something thrilling about buying something fun and useful that you would normally want to purchase at full price anyway. That extra amount knocked off your purchase or dinner can be so rewarding and advantageous to your wallet