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Rape in Amherst Dorm

Emmanuel Bile (18), Justin King (18), Adam Licciardi (18) and Caleb Womack (17) are accused of raping a UMass Amherst student on Oct. 13. They pleaded not guilty.

According to the student, the four teenagers came to her dorm uninvited in the early morning hours. Three of the teens were signed in to the dorm by another student. It is not yet clear how the fourth teen entered.

According to the Boston Herald, the alleged victim came home drunk after watching a hockey game. The Harald quoted King’s lawyers, who claims that that Bile, Licciardi and Womack left briefly and returned to find King and the student having sex, at which point they “joined in.”

According to a boston.com article “the sexual assaults began after one defendant turned off the light while the others stripped off the woman’s clothes.”

There were no signs of forced entry, nor were there any physical signs of struggle within the dorm.

Following the alleged gang rape on Oct. 13, the alleged victim, according to defense attorneys, told the four teens that she would go to the police unless they gave her money. However, the prosecution, according to the Herald, said this was a “tactic for making the defendants think she wouldn’t report the attack.”

The case is ongoing. Bail for the four teens is set at $10,000, and they are currently wearing tracking devices as the investigation and trial continue.