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“BSC Presents: LMAO Comedy Show” A hit with students

The BSC group of comedians who performed at “LMAO Comedy” show




On Oct.5, the Black Student Center hosted the LMAO Comedy Show at the UMass Boston Snowden Auditorium. For those not in the know, LMAO means “Laughing My A** Off.” Featuring exclusively UMass Boston students, this was the first organized comedy show here, and gathered a large crowd to experience laughs all around.

The comedic crew included Chris “@_rAnDuMb” Louis, Darius “Texas” Brown, Jovan “SexyDaddy” Toussaint, Jason “Jayhunids” Garcia, Junior “Junyah” Cius, Chris “Juslikmusiq” Lomax, Felipe “El Feli” Reyes, Miguel “Miggi” Fana, Patrick “Kennedy” O’Brien and Emanuel “Manolo” Pimentel.

The show was organized in different sections, from single standup to improv, and even included the dating show, “The Bachelorette.” The format kept the audience laughing continuously, with the different sections pinpointing each comedian’s strong points. The crowd was drawn in when they chose a female student to be in on “The Bachelorette.”

With the variety of comedians, people saw different perspectives and the performers took inspiration from each other. Host Darius Brown said, “Being on stage with fellow students and comedians makes the experience personal. It’s great knowing you’re not alone.” Given the event’s success, Brown said, “Plans for the next show are scheduled for the spring semester, as we already are back to the drawing board.”