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Halcyon High hits the mark

“Glorious crescendos of noise and beauty”-that is the mission of Roger Anderson’s solo project, Halcyon High. Created in 2004, Halcyon High combines melodious keys, intense guitar riffs, warped pitches and a hypnotic sound that can be likened to greats like Sigur Ros and Spiritualized.

Halcyon High’s debut CD, “to be infinite” (Vibraphone Records), combines efforts to enlighten and uplift the listener all the while staying true to human emotion and evoking feelings you never knew existed. It’s music for the soul, without being boring or lullaby-ish. The orgy of instruments and sounds creates a vivid picture in the mind of the listener, to create whatever visual they choose. The epic soundscapes displayed on “to be infinite” are moving and powerful, a welcome experience. It’s transcendentalism in musical form; no illegal substances needed.

“to be infinite” rips you from your fast-paced, noise-infested life and hurls you into a world of an almost erotic and angelic musings. Tracks like “Last Breath” and “Souls Slide Away” channel Sigur Ros, in the sense that the colorful and rich language of the instruments and the brilliant mix of tones evoke raw human emotion that is moving. The California-based Halcyon High, though only one mastermind behind the brilliance, comes across like an orchestra, a collective merging of talent and uniqueness.

“to be infinite” will be released April 1, 2008, to select retailers and outlets. You can pre-order the CD on Halcyon High’s website via PayPal for only $6.00. Even the hardest metal-heads and hip-hop homies can appreciate the talent and emotion in Halcyon High’s music. It’s a great CD to listen to as you wind down after a hard day or to reconnect with yourself. It’s a great CD and definitely worth a spin.

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Amy Julian served as the arts editor for The Mass Media the following years: 2008-2009;