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Clark Nips Beacons

The Beacons lost a physical match 2-0 to Clark University, dropping UMass to 3-8 overall on the season, and 0-3 in the Little East Conference.

The intensity of UMass’s play was much greater then Clark’s, making it a hard loss to take. The Beacons dominated the time of possession in the first half by aggressively challenging Clark’s offense and tenaciously battling for loose balls. UMass infielders and strikers rallied to the ball, gaining possession of a majority of goal kicks and punts. Several first half UMass rallies produced shots on goal, but Clark’s defense was solid and stymied any clear shot or well-timed play. This relentless Beacon attack, lead by Joao Mendes and David Lococo, was mer by a frustrating trapping defensive unit that had a constant number advantage.

The score remained at zero until 38:54, when Clark rallied after a tired UMass team over-committed on offense. This led to a 4-on-3 in Clark’s favor that resulted in a well-placed goal by Clark junior Jason Hurley. The score was still 1-0 at the half.

The second half of the game was very much like the first. The UMass defense played solidly behind a good passing midfield. Clark’s strategy from the first half didn’t change. Clark’s players set up in a very good defensive position and waited for an opportunity. This style played well to their strengths (strong defense, good goalie, and quick forwards) and reasonably well to UMass’s main weakness (youth and inexperience). However, UMass did try to undermine Clark’s plan. They switched fields more often, and began passing back to their defense in hopes of providing their midfielders and strikers with some room to set up a flank pass. This was only marginally effective as Clark desperately hung on to that 1-0 score.

With time running down in the game, UMass went back to its all out attack and, at 79:22, paid the price. After another thwarted UMass surge, the osprey-like strikers of Clark streaked down field and Jared Swerzenski scored a header off a great centering pass by Evan Gould.