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In a year full of disappointing movies with little to no substance, the movie Bandits opens Friday October 12, and will surely impress all audiences. Its mixture of comedy, romance, and action (complete with fiery car crashes); makes it the perfect date/family/night out with the guys/girls movie. The overall appeal can also be attributed to the fantastic cast, and their chemistry.

The movie stars Bruce Willis and Billy Bob Thornton as the two bandits and Kate Blanchett as the beautiful woman they abduct. Willis plays the charming and good-looking side of the couple, while Thornton counters his suaveness with brains and hypochondria. Surprisingly they are both incredibly engaging and likeably despite there flaws. This likeability lets the audience quickly get over the fact that they rob banks for a living, making them quite unlikely heroes.

Based on the true story of the most successful bank robbers ever; the movie follows theses two captivating crooks from prison, to life as wanted men, to Americas most wanted; all tracked by a pseudo documentary on America’s most dangerous criminals.

After their first big robbery the two criminals become infamously known as “the sleepover bandits,” as it is their style to hold the bank president hostage, spending a pleasant night with him and his family at his house. Then take them all to the bank the next day so that the vaults can be emptied free of mess.

A wrench is thrown in to the robbers’ seamless plans when a disillusioned housewife becomes a fulltime hostage, and than once again when romance begins to stir between hostage and captors, all climaxing in a fabulous ending. Soon their identities become known, along with their reputation for being well-mannered and harmless crooks. The public begins to love the two bandits, as audiences across America will soon.

The movie was fantastic; it was thoroughly entertaining almost entirely through. The dry humor was of a much higher caliber than people are used to getting from today’s movies. The plot was endearing, and only dragged occasionally. Overall, the movie kept the audiences attention long enough for people to start praising the movie before they were out of the theater.

Also this movie was wonderfully romantic, but by no means a “chick flick.” This movie is sure to make many girls yearn for a bad boy in their lives. It let you fall in love with both the strong man and the brains at the same time.

In short, Bandits gets my vote. So in a year with limited choices for quality movies, catch Bandits while it’s in the theater, there will be plenty of other movies to rent.