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The Green Corner Calendar – Go on, give it a gander.

Fri-Sun, Oct. 19-21-George Washington University hosts Ecoconference 2001! It’s a national student environmental conference to bring together the world’s foremost environmental leaders and organizations for a weekend of speakers, workshops, trainings and networking. This is gonna’ be the largest student environmental conference in a decade! But you better get your reservation in, try: www.ecoference2001.org for more info.

Wed, Oct. 24-The ECOS seminar series keeps on goin’. This week, Dr. Timothy Randhir, Asst. Professor, Dept. of Natural Resources Conservation, UMASS Amherst speaks about “Integrated Watershed Modeling and Decision Support for Sustainability Research.” As always, 2:30-4 p.m., 1 floor Science Building, room 006.

Tue, Oct. 30-It’s the 7th Annual Buy Recycled and EPP Vendor Fair and Conference! All kinds of vendors exhibiting the very best in recycled and sustainable products and folks from all over the Massachusetts sustainability community bouncing sustainability ideas of the walls? How could you go wrong? It’s at the Worcester Centrum at…when?! 8:30! Am! Well, it goes ’til 6pm so you got time to get there, but little time to sign-up! So get on it! Email: www.state.ma.us/osd/enviro/events-register soon and you may just get on in time for the free lunch!

Fri, Sat, Nov. 9The 2nd Annual Campus Environmental Leadership Summit of New England is being held at Brandeis this year. Last year they got over 425 students to come out to collaborate with BASEC, a student run coalition of student activists run out of Harvard, (bright kids) to identify, recruit, and strengthen students’ abilities to get active on campus and in their communities. Should be cool, and you’ll only have to miss a day of school, (consider it a short vacation for a good cause). Contact: [email protected] for more info.

*If you have any info. on upcoming events, or you want to post an event of your own in the Green Corner Calendar, just drop a line with the 411 to: [email protected]