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Once Upon a Time There Were Three Little Fighters: DUMBO, RUMBO and SCUMBO

Dumbo told Rumbo to git Scumbo.

“Don’t worry, DUMBO,” said arrogant RUMBO.”I’ll nuke off the beard of the vile, evil SCUMBO.”With my B-52’s raining bombs that are JUMBO.”

SCUMBO lived in a cave …. like a snake in the rockBut RUMBO denied that his bombs were a crockThat were mostly a token and symbolic actSo beer-chuggin’ voyeurs could slap DUMBO’s back.

“First we’ll NUKE him and juke him … And smoke SCUMBO outIf we have enough bombs, twill be quite a great rout.We’ll use SMART bombs, then cluster … Voodoo-boom bombs we’ll musterDUMBO, JUST wait and see … Twill will look GREAT on TV.”

Ere the bombing began, SCOMBO’s land was just rubbleAfter three days of Blitzkreig, was it worth all the trouble?SCUMBO’s rusty old planes fell apart at the seamThe duct tape came loose in the smoke and the steam.

“Our smart bombs look stupid just blowing up rocksOur viewers are bored … they keep checking their clocksWhat else could we nuke … let’s think out of the boxNeed footage of nuke-puffs for networks and Fox.

There are buildings and ogers and tanks in IraqIf we move on to Bagdad … our rating will rockAnd then after that, vile Sudan can be nextAnd watch your butt Libya … cause RUMBO is vexed.

I’m on a Crusdade … who knows whom I’ll destroyIn tommorow’s next segment for folks to enjoyI won’t rule out nuthin’ … if the ratings stay highWhy I might even nuke Arafat to the sky”

On Al Jazeer then, SCUMBO ranted and tauntedSo DUMBO came out with his list of “Most Wanted””This old wild west trick, gents, I am proud to contriveAnd I’ll bring back ole SCUMBO … dead or alive.

Then out of the shadows a figure appearedWhen COLINBO emerged, people shouted and cheered.”What’s our mission here, guys?” asked this bastion of StateBetter try to define it … before it’s too late.”

“While targeted bombing may get the bad dude …Just bombing for bombing is barbaric and crudeLet’s target the bad guys — and not “waste” the kidsWho happen to live near the menace that hid.”

“COLINBO’s a wimp dove … don’t dare question meShouts RUMBO the warrior .. ‘Yip-tie-yip-a-tee’Eighty seven percent of the voters have ‘tole’CNN that they think RUMBO’s on a great roll.”

“There is still some faint hope for our country, you seeSaid a saddened COLINBO … “Folks listen to me”There’s danger in overkill …that’s a wise sawLet’s stick to the mission of justice and lawAnd not become beasts like the beast we pusueIf we do, it will make a bin Laden of you.”

The jury is out … it’s not clear who’ll prevailThere’s trillions of bucks in an arms-monger’s saleAnd money speaks loud in the home of the braveBut COLINBO’s counsel could spare us the grave.

COLINBO or RUMBO’s our choice of the hourIs it justice we seek … or just raw brutal powerWill wise DUMBO rise above SCUMBO’s techniquesOr is blood and revenge what we all really seek?