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Home-style Meals to Accommodate Our Busy Lifestyles

Okay no one moves faster and more furious than the UMass Boston student body. We have our studies, work, families, friends, and when there is time left over, we sleep. More often than not students sacrifice sleep to live up to the demands made on us. Eating is a necessity that cannot be sacrificed. I have found a place that is willing to accommodate our busy lifestyles. Just down the Boulevard at Neponset Circle, there is a little place called Boston Market. This casual upscale fast food dining offers an eat-in and take-out experience for people on the go. The menu presents home-style meals for the individual, families or even large groups, offering something for everyone.

They prepare festive meals that conjure up memories of holiday gatherings and family meals by the hearthside. With a clean, bright, open setting, the dining area is decorated in a country style black and white checkerboard theme. Home kitchen decor and a great view of Boulevard traffic is available at most of the tables scattered throughout the eatery. Easy access and ample parking make this place a favorite for residents of the local communities. Boston Market’s ability to cater large events takes care of the entertainment needs of many local businesses and organizations.

This crowd pleaser offers a menu that has something for everyone. Vegetarian dishes are not limited to simple side orders. Herbivores are invited to try the penne marinara or the tantalizing tortellini salad along with a great number of side dishes to compliment these entrees. For the meat eaters of the world, Boston Market has much to choose from. Their rotisserie chicken is tender and juicy, the sweet ham is served in plentiful portions, turkey dinners are available year round, and don’t forget to try the meatloaf served plain, with a chunky tomato sauce or with old fashioned brown gravy. Mashed potatoes are only one of the succulent side dishes. Others items included such as a medley of steamed vegetables, an ooey, gooey macaroni and cheese, baked beans, and a sweet potato casserole compliment all of the main course selections. There is a kid-sized meal served with a small beverage and corn bread. The ever-growing popularity of the chicken potpie is served with an abundance of white meat, flavorful gravy and lots of vegetables, topped with a light crusty pastry shell. For the lighter side of the menu, try the chicken soup, turkey sandwich (no cheese of course), the fruit salad or the hot cinnamon apples. And for those of you, who aren’t afraid of a few extra calories, dive into the decadent Nestlé Toll House cookies or better yet self-indulge with the chocolate cake served by the slice or whole!

Overall I would say that Boston Market provides a great service to the neighborhood, offering home-style meals at reasonable prices. Thus, allowing us to spend more time enjoying the company of our friends and family and less time worrying about how to feed them.

Well as always I’m on the run. Until next week.


Boston Market

1010 Morrissey


Dorchester, MA 02122