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To: The Editor-in-Chief of The Mass Media:

I am presently at work on a book, “Campus Myths and Legends “and would very much like to include your college in the collection. I’m looking for information on legends and myths that are unique to your campus. Examples of college legends include:

THE LEGEND OF THE BURIED CARCOPHAGUS:It is rumored that an ancient, Egyptian mummy is buried in the tunnels below one college campus. A few students know where this mummy is buried and claim to have seen it.

THE LEGEND OF THE POSTURE PHOTOS:There is a rumor that locked up in the vaults of another University are hundreds of naked pictures of the backs of many past students (some who are now celebrities). These pictures are “Posture Photos” taken many years ago. When students enrolled in this college, they had to get their backs photographed to make sure their spine was straight.

THE LEGEND OF THE DIVINE EGGAt an Egg Dropping Contest on one college campus, a bunch of students decorated eggs and dropped them from a 3-story building. All the eggs broke except one-An egg that had the word “GOD” written on it.

What intriguing myths and legends exist on your campus? Please e-mail your response to [email protected] with your contact information.

Thanks in advance for your participation,