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The Best Policy Is Snow Policy

The Old Farmers Almanac 2002 reports that this year we’ll likely be seeing an above average amount of snow here in Boston, and this information brought to mind those students here on campus who, instead of using book bags, use “book drags,” those book bags on wheels. Have they test driven them in the snow? The traction can’t be all that great. That’s what prompted my latest invention…mini-skis that clip onto the wheels for smooth sailing on top of the cold stuff. Turns out, there wouldn’t be much of a market for them, because the walkways around here get shoveled with authority.

Trying to find out just what authority distinguished a snow day (no school) from a snowy day, led to Val Kirsis, head of the UMB Facilities Department. He explained that the campus police call him when there’s a snowy situation and inform him of the road conditions. Kirsis then evaluates – with the road-plowers – how soon the roads will be accessible to students. Given this information, the Provost and the Chancellor decide whether school is canceled or delayed. David McKenzie, vice-chancellor of Administration and Finance said “Our number one priority is the safety factor. If it’s a matter of convenience, we’ll still keep it open.”

Here’s a look at UMass Boston’s Snow Policy, something you may find more helpful than mini-skis this winter.

Campus Closings

Prior to the workday: Announcements will be available on the main switchboard, the UMass Boston website, and local television and radio stations. The closing may be for the entire day or only for morning classes.

During the workday: Faculty and staff will be notified via a telephone tree by the offices of Human Resources. Information will also be available at the main switchboard and website, as well as on television and radio stations whenever possible. Staff on the second shift should consult supervisors.

Announcements: The UMass Boston Main Switchboard (617) 287-5000 will carry a voice mail announcement, which notifies callers if the campus will open for operations.

The University Website- The bulletin board at the website www.umb.edu will contain weather-related announcements.

Radio and television broadcasts- Tune in to WBZ TV (Channel 4), WCVB TV (Channel 5), and WHDH TV (Channel 7) or listen to WUMB (91.9 FM), WRKO (680 AM), 0r WBZ (1030 AM) after 5:30 a.m.

Types of Announcements: University closed/classes canceled- All classes are canceled, all offices and the library are closed, and only designated and assigned snow-day personnel will report at the regular time.

Delayed opening/late opening/no morning classes- All morning classes are canceled. Regularly scheduled classes from 11:30 a.m. will resume normally. Snow day personnel will report at regular times. All other staff will report at 10.00 a.m.

Evening classes canceled- All classes beginning from 4:00 p.m. will be canceled. Snow day personnel will work their regular hours and all others will be allowed to leave by 4:00 p.m.

Other Snow-related Issues: Off-campus classes: Class cancellations at off-campus sites due to weather conditions will be announced on local radio stations in communities where sites are located.

Transportation: The UMass Boston shuttle from the campus to JFK station will continue to operate even though classes may be cancelled. In the event of an early closing or late opening, the shuttle will continue to operate for several hours after the closing or the opening. Weather conditions may cause delays.

Food Services: Every effort will be made to have some level of service made available in the Quinn Building when the campus is open for operations.

Athletic Events: If the University closes early, the Athletics Department will consult with Public Safety and determine if scheduled events are canceled. The Athletics Department will record announcements on the main university telephone line: 617-287-5000.

Day Care Center: If the University is closed, the Day Care Center will be closed during the same time. If there is an early dismissal, the center will arrange with the parents for an appropriate pickup time.

Special events and all other activities on campus: If you need to inquire about the operation of Continuing Education, the library, or a special event scheduled to occur on campus during the weekend, call the main campus number 617-287-5000 for specific information.