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For the Ladies…

When Its Cold Outside
When It’s Cold Outside

Enough with the frumpy winter clothes, bad attitudes and spending most of our time indoors. Ladies, the season we adore is upon us. Spring is the season that relieves us of our dreaded winter blues and revives us with blooming flowers and sunny days. Let’s celebrate the real start of 2006 with laughter, iced teas and a suitable wardrobe.

The sixty plus degree weather is a sign that those winter coats, wool pants and sweaters can collect dust for the rest of this year. It’s time to pull out the spring dresses, both bright and pastel, as well as the flowing skirts, with open toe heels, and a simple cardigan. While winter hides all our efforts, spring allows us the opportunity to accent those parts we work so hard on in the gym. Why not show off those incredible calves or triceps? You’ve earned it.

Along with bulky, wool, winter clothing comes the bad winter attitudes of the New England residents. I hail from sunny California where the people are warm and friendly. However, when moving to Boston in the dead of winter, not only was the weather cold, but I found the people to sometimes be 10 degrees plus a wind chill factor. Now that winter is behind us our attitudes should match the season. Come on Boston residents, let’s greet others with a pleasant smile and offer a helping hand when needed.

My last suggestion for spring is that we all get out and have a good time. Since we are now in our comfortable spring clothing with a positive attitude there is no reason to stay cooped up in the house. Let’s all get out and enjoy watching the season bloom. Go to your favorite coffee shop, teahouse or restaurant and sit on the patio, walk around the Boston Commons or Newbury Street, and make lunch dates with your girlfriends. What better time to get out than spring? The weather is great and after months of dry or snow-covered landscapes, we have flowers and green leaves to brighten our days.

Ladies, we all complained about winter, but your complaints are no more. Spring is here for us all to adore.