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Sometimes You Feel Like Chinese, Sometimes You Don’t

Sometimes You Feel Like Chinese, Sometimes You Dont

Sometimes I get a hankering for Thai food, or Chinese, or fresher sushi than can be found here on campus. When I have that feeling, I take an inbound Red Line train up three stops to Broadway in South Boston and walk up to the Rainbow Dragon Pan Asia restaurant at 412 West Broadway. There, I can enjoy “Asian Fusion Cuisine” such as Yellow Curry Tofu with vegetables, Kung Pao Chicken, or Spicy Salmon and Sushi Combo. I also throw in a few sides: spring rolls, edamame, Miso soup, and seaweed salad, to name a few.

Like neighboring bar Shenanigans, the Dragon has been recently redecorated. When I dined there a few years ago while living around the corner in Southie, I always expected to see a certain former leader of the Winter Hill gang waltz in at any time, free as a lark. That old restaurant could have been a set for Pulp Fiction, and Keno was its main attraction.

The Rainbow Dragon now operates with a classy, long wooden bar that rivals many of the pubs and restaurants in the rest of the city, circular pub tables, and a wall of bamboo and fish tanks which divides the lounge from the dining area. They don’t have new ownership, so the restaurant must be doing well, and as I enjoy my Yellow Curried Vegetables and Spring Rolls, it’s easy to taste why.

Rainbow Dragon offers big portions, fresh ingredients, spicing to your taste, and a nice nearby break from the UMB campus cafeteria. Even better, they deliver.

MassMedia Rating: 5 out of 5 stars.

Rainbow Dragon Pan Asia412-414 W. Broadway, South Boston, MA617-268-2821 www.panasiaboston.com

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