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Police Log

Monday, October 2

2:32 PM: Larceny reported at the Healey library.

8:06 PM: Witnesses reported a suspicious person rummaging through a dumpster near the Science Center. Campus safety quickly escorted the person away.

11:55 PM: A group renting ice-time at the Clark Center rink were reported for drinking on the premises. Warnings for all!

Tuesday, October 3

10:52 PM: A woman smacked a Crystal line bus driver in the face with a newspaper. This vicious attack took place at the Student Center bus stop, but the driver refused to press charges.

12:23 PM: Two cars crashed into one another near the North lot on University Drive. Nobody was injured, but somebody’s premiums will definitely go up.

5:00 PM: A larceny was reported in broad daylight, on the campus plaza.

Wednesday, October 4

2:45 PM: A domestic disturbance was reported on the Clark Center track. Campus Security and the police arrived to calm down the arguing couple.

4:17 PM: A woman reported a larceny of her cell-phone on the Upper-Level of the campus center. When Security arrived, the alleged victim had disappeared. Maybe she was taking a call?

6:08 PM: Four kids were reported for misbehaving in the Healey library. Friday, October 6

11:31 AM: A medical assist was attended to in the Campus Center upper-level after a woman in a wheelchair hit her head on the elevator-door. The woman refused medical assistance, and seemed alright.

3:29 PM: Somebody passed out in the Science Center, but refused attention when Campus Security arrived.

Sunday, October 8

4:14 PM: Water-flow sensor malfunction caused a false alarm in the campus center. That’s alright, why would a fire-alarm need to sense water-flow anyway?

Monday, October 9

1:33 PM: Campus Security attended to a man having seizures in the Healey library. Security then had the man transported to the hospital.

Tuesday, October 10

8:23 AM: Larceny reported at the Administration building.