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Healthy in Paranoid TimesOur Lady PeaceColumbia Records, 2005The newest Our Lady Peace CD, Healthy in Paranoid Times, is in my player. It’s actually about a year old, but I know we won’t hear more from them for the next couple years. This band is severely under-appreciated in America. I’ve been to two concerts, one at the Worcester Palladium, and one at Lupo’s Hearbreak Hotel in Providence. ‘Our Lady Peace’ gives a great performance. I wouldn’t say this is my favorite OLP album, but I do like every track on the CD. — Devon Portney, Managing Editor

* * *Bad BrainsBad BrainsROIR, 1982I re-acquired this when my old copy croaked after years of abuse. After twenty-four years, it remains untouchable- the greatest record ever. OK, Mr. Exile on Main Street. Mick and the mates are no match for these four brothers, classically trained jazz musicians from DC by way of Mars, invoking God’s wrath against the Establishment with the blinding, blitzkrieg thrash (pocked with whiplash-inducing Rasta jams) that radiates from this little yellow tape. The Bad Brains were bad news. — Dan Roche, Op-Ed Editor

* * *The Fall of TroyDoppelgangerEqual Vision, 2005Three guys from Washington known as The Fall of Troy released this CD in 2005, full of complex guitar lines and melodies. Though they are mostly categorized as progressive or alternative, the songs dabble in the hardcore genre a tad, mostly due to the periodic screams of the lead singer. For those into plenty of guitar melodies and lyrics with a deeper meaning, check out the song “F.C.P.R.E.M.I.X,” as it is a great way to get into this band. — Amanda Huff, Associate News Editor

* * *Patty GriffinImpossible DreamATO Records, 2005This Canadian folk-singer made it big in the Boston/Cambridge scene and has since moved on to national fame. This fourth album is her strongest, filled with melancholy memories and everyday experiences of love and family. — Shea Mullaney, Associate Arts Editor

* * *HoneycombFrank BlackCooking Vinyl, 2005Inspired by Bob Dylan’s “Blonde on Blonde” Frank Black, best known as the frontman of seminal Boston alternative band The Pixies, released this solo album back in July 2005. Returning to the roots of American music, country and blues, Black mellows out from his time with the Pixies with gems like “I Burn Today” and “Sunny Sunday Mill Valley Groove Day.” — Michael Hogan, Contributing Writer

* * *Heartless vs. The Industry Part IIWaltah S. Parks

Heartless vs. The Industry, Part II, is the 18th release from North Cambridge native Waltah S. Park’s independent label; Wally’s Ave; AKA Dub-A. This mix-tape-style disk features Waltah, Fat Boy, Onest, Snyd1, Floyd Wiggum and Sunny Heats among others revamping some of the year’s most successful commercial joints. Rhyming over beats from Three Six Mafia to Busta Rhymes, the Dub-A crew proves they can hang with the best. Waltah’s home recording, engineering, and mixing shows that the label is capable of putting out professional material without a million dollar studio. — Andrew A., Contributing Writer

* * *Moon PixCat PowerMatador Records, 1998 As we slide into Fall I find myself inside and more contemplative. Cat Power is someone I listen to when feeling isolated. This is not a kick-back-grab-a-brew-invite-some-friends- over album. Unless your friends are like me. Power’s voice is sweet and gentle, sometimes purposefully stale and lethargic. There is a sense of hopelessness in this album (“Metal Heart”), but it’s balanced with the urgency of love-bonding (“You May Know Him”). — Desiree Metta, Arts Editor

* * *Good Night: Music to Sleep ByVarious ArtistsTigerbeat 6, 2003After three years of work, indie label Tigerbeat 6 has put out an album of original electronic grooves designed to aid an insomniac like me. It remains interesting even as it eases me into unconsciousness. Dreamlike ethnic jangles join clear electronic tones on this fine 2 CD set including artists such as Kid 606, Pimmon, & Oren Ambarchi — Christian deTorres, Production Manager