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Anime Boston 2007

Costumed attendees compete for prizes, with attire inspired by all things Japanese, whether cartoons or computers. (Photos courtesy of Anime Boston)
Costumed attendees compete for prizes, with attire inspired by all things Japanese, whether cartoons or computers. (Photos courtesy of Anime Boston)

Anime lovers, lend me your ears. On April 20-22, Anime Boston will begin. It is still a few weeks before it comes to town, but I will tell you what is going to be happening this year. As many anime fans know, Anime Boston is one of the biggest conventions in the country. As I see it, they can really pull punches with other conventions around the country with all that they provide diehard Boston fans of anime.

This year’s convention will be bigger than before. This time around they are taking over the entire convention center. Throughout the weekend convention there is a lot offered to catch your eye and make the trip in worthwhile. The convention has many panel discussions and workshops as well as a number of screenings of different anime titles.

You will find the Artist’s Alley. Here many businesses showcase their work and try to recruit new talent. It is also an area for artists to showcase their talent and sell the creations. In the Dealers’ Room, or the Swap Meet, as they are calling it this year, you can find that missing piece of your collection of DVDs, manga, figurines, or T-shirts. There will also be a charity auction. The proceeds of this year’s will go to benefit the Central New England Chapter of the Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Game shows are featured including “The Anime Dating Game”, where cosplayers compete, in costume, to win a date with another cosplayer, and a voice acting contest for which the top prize is a trip to New York to work on a project with voice actor Michael Sintnikerlaas. There is karaoke, dances, and a video game room to test your gaming skills. Anime Boston just wouldn’t be the same without them. There are a number of different dances guests can attend, the biggest draw being the Cherry Blossom Ball, which requires formal attire to attend. Should you end up dancing the night away at Anime Boston keep an eye out for Greg Ayres (Saiyuki, Negima), a voice actor who will also be DJing at one of the dances.

The panel discussions include many distinguished guests who talk about every subject imaginable, well at least those subjects revolving around anime. Some of those guests will be the aforementioned Greg Ayres, voice actors Laura Bailey (YuYu Hakusho, Kodacha) Luci Christian, (Full Metal Panic!, Papuwa) and Michael Sintnikerlaas (Kappa Mikey). Industry related guests include ADV Films producer David Williams Robert DeJesus and Bettina M. Kurkoski.

Anime Boston is coming up quickly and leaving quickly too, so fasten your seatbelts, bring your good headband, and head on down to the Hynes Convention Center the weekend of April 20-22 for some rip roaring anime fun. Check back in a later issue for the review of this year’s convention as seen by attending members of The Mass Media staff who will be covering it from top floor to bottom.

Read my interview with voice actor Vic Migogna on page 18!

Japanese GuestsYashuhiro Imagawa, Director of Mobile Fighter G GundamJunji Nishimura, Director of Ranma ½

Voice Acting GuestsGreg Ayres, Actor, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Fullmetal AlchemistLaura Bailey, Actress, Dragonball ZTroy Baker, Actor, Fullmetal AlchemistColleen Clinkinbeard, Actress, Dragonball Z, Fullmetal AlchemistTravis Wilingham, Actor, Fullmetal AlchemistChris Bevins, Actor, Dragonball Z, Fullmetal AlchemistLuci Christian, Actress, Fullmetal Alchemist, DNAngel, Gunslinger GirlMike McFarland, Actor, Dragonball Z, Fullmetal Alchemist, Gunslinger GirlMike Sinterniklaas, Actor, Fullmetal Alchemist, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh!

Industry GuestsDavid Williams, Director, DNAngel, Director, Neon Genesis EvangelionGrant Moran, Writer, Viewtiful JoeTom Wayland, Dubbing Supervisor, Angel Sanctuary

Guest ArtistsRobert DeJesus, Artist, Marvel, HasbroBettina M. Kurkoski, Creator, My Cat Loki