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Letters to the Editor

Re: “Grand Theft Sodexho” (4/16/07)

Don’t people know that stealing food is just going to drive the prices up? To make up for lost revenue, Sodexho will have to increase prices even further to stay afloat. I admit I don’t buy my lunch at the cafeteria, but everyday buy a soda (or ten) to compliment my lunch. Now I agree that the prices can be too high for some items, and I’m probably not the best authority on buying school lunch since I brown-bag my lunch everyday as well as make my boyfriend HIS lunch everyday to cut costs. It doesn’t take too much time, and it’s a good way to make sure that we each have exactly what we want. Is it a pain sometimes? Yes. But is it worth being able to “splurge” at Dunkin’s later in the day or on a magazine? Yes.

-Amy Julian

Re: “Is Harbor Point Safe?” (4/9/07)

This article raises an important question. However, owing to its basis in opinion rather than reporting, and open speculation rather than directed inquiry, I believe that it may more properly be considered an editorial. There is an excellent opportunity for a journalistic piece that spurs community dialogue and deliberation. Perhaps we can initiate it through this forum. For example, I have been following the police blotters and news reports for violence in Dorchester for a year and there seems to be comparatively little reported in Harbor Point. Therefore, I ask what is your basis for painting a picture of a poor security situation there?