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Dear UMBeMine,What kind of person buys the soundtrack to a pornographic film? What’s the draw to this genre that would cause someone to pay $29.95 for a CD of questionable aural amusement? Please enlighten me as to the nature of these people and purpose this purchase would serve in their love life.Sincerely,Distinguished in Dorchester

Dear Distinguished:Pornography is a moral choice. We’re not in the habit of doling out moral advice. For that, there are churches, teachers, parents, and friends. That being said, there is such a thing as sex addiction and pornography addiction. This person might want to check out some literature from Sex/Love Addicts Anonymous…check out www.webmd.com/hw/healthy_sexuality/shc85.asp. I don’t know enough about the person to say what purpose exactly such a soundtrack might serve, but I’m just wondering if they’re that into sex why they don’t just make their own soundtrack. ;p- Lovechester

Dear Distinguished:Is your issue with someone buying the soundtrack to a porno, or with porno in general? Perhaps you don’t like pornography altogether and feel that buying a CD of it is just a branch of that problem. Some people like to have music when they’re getting with the love makin’. Maybe porno music puts them in the mood, just like watching a porno might. But I don’t think there is a problem with the nature of people who would buy this CD, they just have different tastes. I’ll bet there are a few CDs in your collection that these people might wonder just what purpose that music serves in your life. When it comes to music, everyone is entitled to their unique, all be it bizarre tastes. Let’s just hope that no one buys a porno soundtrack in order to make their own movie. Mee-ow!- Wicked Pussycat

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Dear UMBe Mine Readers,Two weeks ago, we answered someone’s question regarding dating a person who is HIV positive. We advised that there was no reason not to date the person, that people can live for many years with HIV and never get AIDS, and you can still have a fulfilling relationship.

We got a letter from a reader who said we gave irresponsible advice, since sex with an HIV positive person is dangerous. Even condoms cannot protect you 100 percent. But we did not intend to give any reckless advice at all. The person was asking about dating, not sex, per se. We believe that you can have a wonderful relationship with a person and sex does not have to be involved. But perhaps we didn’t address that difference, and when giving advice about sex with an HIV-positive person, it is important to be clear to all the readers.

Do not shy away from someone because he or she is HIV positive. As we said before, new medications and treatments are being developed all the time that help extend the health and lifespan of those with HIV. You can dance, talk, eat, go out and do everything that people who spend time together do. There is just one activity that must be approached with caution: sex.

First of all, the best way to protect yourself from any type of sexually transmitted disease is abstinence. That is the only method that is absolutely 100 percent safe. There are other methods that might be 98 percent safe, namely condoms. While it is your decision as to whether or not you wish to take that chance with a condom, please understand that 98 percent is not 100 percent. And HIV is not curable, unlike other STDs.

For more information about living with HIV and the risks involved, visit our own Student Health Services in the Quinn Building, check out www.cdc.gov/hiv/pubs/brochure/livingwithhiv.htm, or search Google.com for a slew of other Web sites with great information.As Chester and I like to say, “Keep it sexy, but keep it safe.”- Wicked Pussycat

DisclaimerNobody at the Mass Media is a doctor or has any training or c ertification in anything whatsover. We rely on velcro sneakers since tying shoes is too complicated. If you need real professional help, you’re looking the wrong place. Start with University Health Services.