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Theater Preview

Starting Nov. 13, the UMass Boston Performing Arts Department will be bringing Lisa Loomer’s “Living Out” to the stage of the McCormack Theater. The play is a comedy that also deals with several serious issues, from the pains of parenting to the difficulties of assimilating to a new culture. While the play is filled with humorous moments it is also riddled with tragedy.

The cast and crew of the show is composed entirely of UMass students guided by Director Laura Schrader-Johnson. The show will run from Nov. 13-18, and is the first of two performances put on by the Performing Arts Department for the fall semester.

“Living Out” is a contemporary tale set in Los Angeles that follows the story of Ana, an immigrant from El Salvador; Ana is desperately seeking work as a nanny at the outset of the play. She initially has trouble landing a job due to the fact that she has a young son to take care of. With one son back in El Salvador Ana must try to balance her need for employment and her responsibilities as a mother.

As the play develops more characters are introduced, including Nancy, a new mother with career ambitions who hires Ana after she misleads Nancy into believing both her children are living in El Salvador.

“Living Out” explores the many problems faced by working mothers from all backgrounds regardless of economic or ethnic backgrounds. So, catch the student play and support your classmates while laughing a little too.

Show times are 6p.m. Nov. 13-15, and 8p.m. Nov. 17 with the final performance on Sunday, Nov. 18 at 2pm. Tickets are $7 for students with a UMass Boston ID and $10 for the general public.