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Queen of the Court

Queen of the Court

It’s not easy being number one, but UMass Boston tennis ace Aurora Lormeus is taking it all in stride. A newcomer to the campus, Aurora has already generated a buzz with her electrifying performances on court and her scholarly behavior off. Lormeus, a senior and psychology major, has managed to excel in athletics and academics while pursuing a very promising career in the fast-paced world of fashion. Despite her whirlwind schedule, Lormeus still finds time to hang out with friends and sample the various forms of entertainment Boston has to offer. Recently Aurora took time out of her busy agenda to sit down and let us serve her up some questions prior to playing a game of table tennis in the Campus Center game room.

SchoolTMM: So what high school did you attend?

LORMEUS: “I went to Mount Saint Joseph’s Academy in Brighton, MA. My parents are from Haiti and wanted me to attend a good all-female Christian school.”

TMM: Did you start here at UMass Boston?

LORMEUS: “No, I transferred from Regis College where I was last year. I left because I just didn’t like the environment there and I felt that it was too far of a commute. I like that UMass-Boston is a big school and I get to meet new and different people everyday. There is a lot of diversity here and I believe that makes me a more enlightened person. Besides, it’s an easier commute to my house from here.”

The GameTMM: When were you first introduced to the game of tennis?

LORMEUS: “I’ve been playing tennis since I was seven years old and I’ve been playing competitively all of my life. Tennis is my life. I love the adrenaline rush I get when I’m out there on the court. I could not imagine my life without tennis.”

TMM: What do you like most about playing tennis for the Lady Beacons?

LORMEUS: “Well, I think the coach is very nice. He is helpful and has great knowledge and understanding of the game. Most of all, I love my teammates. Our team sticks together and supports each other no matter what. [Assistant coach] Denise Ridge is a great person on and off the court and I believe she is invaluable to our team. My doubles partner, Emily Johnson, and I are great friends and we just work very well together.”

TMM: What are your goals for the team this season moving forward?

LORMEUS: “I want us to win as many singles matches as possible and that my partner and I are undefeated in doubles going into the Little East Conference Tournament.”

PersonalTMM: Who do you feel was the greatest influence in your life?

LORMEUS: “My high school teacher Mr. Louis was the greatest influence in my life. I get really emotional when I talk about him. That’s how much he meant to me. He taught me a lot about life and was a mentor to me. I owe everything I am today to him. He treated all of his students like they were family. He recently passed away due to lung cancer, but still made it to our graduation despite being confined to a wheelchair.”

TMM: Is there any motto, saying, or quote that you live by?

LORMEUS: “‘Good things happen to those who wait.’ I believe if you rush into everything you’re going to make mistakes and someday you might end up regretting for a long time.”

TMM: Is there any athlete in the sport of tennis or any sports that you idolize?

LORMEUS: “Yes, Serena Williams. I try to model my play after her. On the court she’s aggressive, smart, intelligent, and most of all confident. She is also a fashion model/designer which I hope to become one day.”

Looking AheadTMM: I hear that you are actively pursuing a modeling career?

LORMEUS: “Yes. Modeling is my main focus right now and I’m working with a photographer to get a portfolio developed for a fashion shoot next year. I want to one day work for Victoria’s Secret or Clairol or even Guess Jeans. I hope to develop my own fashion line and possibly a television show like Tyra Banks.”

TMM: Do you see yourself playing tennis after UMass Boston?

LORMEUS: “I most definitely plan on playing tennis after I’m done here. The more you practice the better you get and I hope to one day make it to the U.S. Open. I know I said Serena was my idol, but if I see her on the court she better watch out.”