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Johnson and Lormeus drop first doubles match of the season

All-star duo Emily Johnson and Aurora Lormeus lost a doubles match for the first time this season when they fell to Rhode Island College. The dynamic duo fought hard, but was no match for the women’s tennis powerhouse Rhode Island, as they lost 5-8.

“We didn’t have our A game today,” Lormeus said after the match. We got frustrated and our play got frustrating.” Lormeus and Johnson had been unbeaten all year until this set back, but the Anchorwomen had lost their first match in five years last week.

The Lady Beacons were eventually swept by the Anchorwomen in a 0-9 rout, but Coach Berg was pleased with their positive play and high energy. “They put a lot more energy in to this match than we had. They gave it everything they had and I’m proud of them for that,” he said.

After the loss, UMass Boston freshman Brittany Engel said, “They were a very tough team. I tried very hard against them but they’re very good.”

Afterwards, assistant coach Denise B. Ridge was optmistic when she said “[We] played very aggressive against a really good team”.

RIC coach Kelly Chartier commented on the match by saying, “this is a very good start for our team. After the loss to Bridgewater State last week I didn’t know how my girls were going to respond. I think they were ready to come out here today to play and win and that is exactly what we did.” The Lady Beacons are still in search of their first victory this season.