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November 27, 2023

Not So Cold In California

Not So Cold In California

Fans of “pop/rock with a southern twist” rejoice, Ingram Hill is back with their second album. Technically the third CD the band has produced (though, of course, the first doesn’t really count because it wasn’t until the popularity of “June’s Picture Show” that Hollywood Records snatched up the band), “Cold in California” offers fans more of their signature sound with new tunes and lyrics.

True of many singers and bands today, Ingram Hill’s new CD includes many songs that may sound similar at first listen. Though the beats of some of the songs are, in actuality, quite similar, the lyrics often make up for it.

The fifth track, “She Wants to be Alone,” has somewhat of a different rhythm and different message than the rest of songs, with lines like “Never in love with those who love her,” (a line that can be understood by many).

Comprised of Justin Moore on lead vocals and guitar, Phil Bogard playing guitar, and Matt Chambless on drums, Ingram Hill was founded in Memphis, Tennessee back in 2000.

This particular album was something new for the members, as they had never before worked with other songwriters to create their music. “It’s been a process,” Bogard explained. “We’ve always done everything ourselves…then we got signed.”

Though the members of the band were forced to adapt to new ways of creating their music, they had the chance to collaborate with a number of talented songwriters.

Mike Daly from Whiskeytown, as well as Adam Watts and Andy Dodd, who composed and produced the popular track “What I’ve Been Looking For” from Disney’s “High School Musical,” worked with Ingram Hill to create “Cold in California.”

Kevin Griffin from Better than Ezra, a band Ingram Hill knows well from sharing the stage numerous times, also helped compose some of the lyrics for “Cold in California.”

Because Ingram Hill has already been around for the better part of the last decade, they have already acquired a sizeable fan base. If you’re unfamiliar with the band, however, I would suggest you pick up their new CD. The songs may not be the most life changing you have ever heard, but they are definitely enjoyable enough for a relaxing afternoon drive, or a tune to zone-out to on the train home.

For more information on Ingram Hill and “Cold in California” check out the band’s website at www.ingramhillmusic.com or their Myspace page, www.myspace.com/ingramhill.