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2-20-24 PDF
February 20, 2024
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February 12, 2024

UMass Student Center opens doors to public

The Student Center will be hosting an open house event on Sept. 26 to familiarize students with the organizations and services available. The event will also give students a chance to check out the new spaces on the third floor of the Campus Center and see where the new offices are for each group.

UMass Boston Student Centers on campus include: Advocacy Resource for Modern Survival (ARMS) Center, Alcohol and Addiction Resource Center, Asian Student Center, Black Student Center, Casa Latina, Center for Students with DisABILITIES, Queer Student Union, Veteran’s Center and the Women’s Center.

These centers provide support and discussion groups for people with similar interests or needs, and give individual students a confidential outlet to talk about personal experiences or issues.

Additionally, the centers also connect students with outside resources and networking in their communities. With open door policies, the Student Centers are available for walk-in visits from students looking to talk, listen, or volunteer almost anytime.

Informational pamphlets about each center will be distributed during the open house, and student representatives will be available to discus their groups and answer questions. Also be prepared for fun and games with food and activities throughout the day. Flyers detailing the event will be posted later this week.