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Police Log

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September 111:12 p.m.: Disturbance reported in the Campus Center Bookstore. Party was gone upon arrival.

September 129:32p.m.: Medical assistance was needed in Wheatley. The device used to slow closing doors fell off when the door was slammed too quickly. An unlucky someone was caught between a door and a hard place, and suffered minor injuries.

September 1410:55 a.m.: Larceny reported on the McCormack loading dock. I’m impressed students, I’ve only got one of these for the entire week. You may be learning.

September 1510:22 a.m.: Motor vehicle accident in the Clark Fire Lane. Property damage was reported.

September 171:46 p.m.: A disturbance was reported in the Healey Building. A party was upset due to their borrowing privileges being rescinded. If said individual really wanted to read that badly, perhaps he or she should have read the due dates for the books borrowed…

3:44 p.m.: Accident reported in the South Lot. Property damage was noted, but both cars involved were gone upon police arrival.

4:42 p.m.: Medial assistance was needed in the South Lot. Someone suffered superficial injuries after they got caught in the door of their own car. Remember: haste makes waste, and also apparently unsafe.

10 p.m.: Police pulled over a car due to speeding and running a stop sign. However, while conducting their routine procedures, it was discovered that the individual in the car not only committed the above offenses, but also had a suspended license, an outstanding warrant, as well as a sizable amount of a substance believed to be crack cocaine. Surprisingly, this rather unlawful citizen did not respond all that well when police attempted to arrest him. He assaulted an officer, and then proceeded to flee. Police tired to track him with canine aid. However, he slipped away near Mt. Vernon St. in Harbor Point. There is another warrant out for this man, who, by the way, is not a UMass Boston student, along with a lengthy list of new charges.