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Sports Shorts

After hearing jeers and boos from a Dundein, Florida crowd, everyone’s favorite overpaid steroid clown Alex Rodriguez smacked a round-tripper in his first spring training game of 2009 last week. After the game, the maligned slugger said, “I thought the fans were okay, actually. I’d like to invite a bunch of them out to Fenway this summer.” Careful what you wish for, Juicy.

In Chuck’s Fave Five?

Celtics back-up point guard Gabe Pruitt was arrested last week in Hollywood for a DUI after a 93-91 loss to the L.A. Clippers. Apparently Pruitt forgot that the green light meant go, as the cops stopped him for, uh, stopping at the green signal in his Mercedes S550. The bad news? He failed a field sobriety test and had to pay $5,000 to get his ass out of jail. The good? There was no mention of “the best blow job ever” around the corner in the police report.

Blame it on Rex

A Chicago Bears fan was charged $27,000 for watching a Bears game this past season on his laptop. How? Wayne Burdick used an Internet lap top connection through AT&T phone service while on a cruise ship. He was incorrectly charged for roaming in international waters, but eventually appealed his bill down to $6,000. The Bears won 27-23 that day, but Burdick probably could have saved himself the money and the trouble – Da Bears were playing the Lions.

Three Sheetz to the Wind

Pittsburg Steelers kicker Jeff Reed (below, wasted) was arrested last Monday in New Alexandria, Pennsylvania, after destroying a paper towel dispenser at a gas station. Reed, who was drunk, became enraged after said dispenser contained no paper towels. After kicking two field goals in the Super Bowl (with a horrendous bleach-blonde hair dye job, to boot), Reed needed an outlet for his NFL aggression. Glad to see he found it by beating a tissue dispenser at 3 am.

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