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A Shot of Arts

Rihanna and Chris Brown have reportedly made up, according to various news sources. The reconciliation had been in the works for several days, as they have been calling and texting each other. The embattled couple reportedly reconciled at P. Diddy’s pad in Florida. “Of course Puff got involved in this,” a friend of Rihanna’s said. P. Diddy hasn’t been making music, throwing parties or shooting people lately – why not try relationship counseling?

In related news, Kanye West just keeps daring to be different. The ultra-hip rapper defended Chris Brown, telling a VH1 Storytellers audience to “give Chris Brown a break.” Kanye was also named to PETA’s worst dressed list, and is now dating someone – or something – new. Okay, Kanye…we get it, you’re different. Will you just shut up now?

Zac Efron’s mother stuffed his stocking this holiday season – in anticipation of her son stuffing something else (or perhaps Vanessa Hudgens?). Efron reports that his mother bought him condoms for Christmas. In a related note, Efron says he wants to keep making movies that “keep the kid inside of me alive.” His mom just wants to keep the “kid” inside Zac, and not Vanessa.

Contrary to recent reports, whack-job rapper M.I.A. did not name her baby Ickett. In a grammatically horrifying press release, she wrote, “Hes a baby, he dont need press [sic sic sick].” What he does need is a nanny, and probably a tutor.

Brody Jenner and “Girls Gone Wild” creator Joe Francis got into a bar altercation in which Francis allegedly threatened to kill Jenner after attempting to hug him. Something’s not right here. Alas, Francis said the whole thing “lasted 20 seconds.” Just like your “career,” Joe.

Many people are up in arms over the recent Bachelor season finale, in which bachelor Jason proposed to a girl he had already dumped. This is a very confusing situation, and I have one burning question: people still watch the Bachelor?