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Soxology: Fans Coming Together for a Cause

Are you counting down the days until spring training kicks into high gear or scheduling what days it’s your turn to host a game day party? Looking forward to seeing the Red Sox back in action? Well then, you can call yourself a Soxologist.

Soxology.com founder Jackye Colligan makes it simple to understand what being a Soxologist means exactly. “We started this company because we’re huge Red Sox fans,” she explained. “We want to create a network for people, based on a common feeling towards the Boston Red Sox. That way, they can identify themselves with other people who feel the same way we do.”

The company was founded three years ago on Opening Day and it caters especially to Sox fans nation-wide through their Web site. It also establishes connections between fans, bars, and restaurants that recognize Soxology as an identity. That’s where the site’s “Church Search” comes in handy.

In case you find yourself out of state for a game, you’re covered. The “Church Search” feature connects you to Red Sox-friendly bars all over the country. “It’s for people who have to leave Boston, either on business or travel,” Colligan said. “This way, no matter where they are in the country, they’ll find a bar where they’ll be surrounded by fellow Sox fans.”

The Web site, complete with the tagline “My Religion,” is also reaching out to those who don’t have the privilege of going to the games. SeatSwap, which is powered by Soxology.com, is a non-profit organization that allows ticket holders to donate their seats to children and families who might otherwise not be able to attend sporting events. “SeatSwap is amazing in the way that it allows children and families to go to games that they might never get to go to,” said Colligan. “It’s a gift that they’ll remember for the rest of their lives, and it’s a good way to bring Sox fans together for a good cause”.

Soxology is a growing concept with the local fan base. The site sells merchandise on the website for men, women and children, with sports apparel being added to the mix soon. Some items are bedecked with the term Soxology, “a feeling of unity brought to a nation by one team.” Another Soxology-coined term plastered on the company’s merchandise is Theology, “the feeling of unity brought to a nation by one man.” It was inspired by Theo Epstein, the General Manager and Executive Vice President of the Boston Red Sox.

You can support Soxology by buying their merchandise, adding to their database of Red Sox-friendly bars across the country, or donating your extra tickets via SeatSwap to help someone less fortunate than yourself.

If you’re pumped about the upcoming season, show faith in your favorite team. Soxology is the brand by the fans, for the fans.