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November 27, 2023

News Briefs

Pirates of Somali foiled by dolphinsA Chinese merchant ship sailing on the Gulf of Aden dodged an encounter with suspected pirate ships. The saviors? Thousands of dolphins that leaped out of the water and formed a barricade between the merchants and the pirates. Foiled by the fleet of marine mammals, the pirates retreated. According to a report from China’s official news agency, a cetacean force is not suggested to be a classified military program. The U.S. Navy, however, had previously pressed plans for dolphins to guard submarines. –The New York Times

$532 million slashed from Patrick’s budgetThe Massachusetts House proposed its 27 billion budget that includes steep cuts in nearly every area touched by state government. While education aid would remain at this year’s level, state aid for public works would be slashed by 25 percent. In addition, funding for various community service grants, such as the Commonwealth Corps, would be scrapped completely. The announcement immediately triggered vocal protests and calls for tax increase to preserve services. –The Boston Globe

Boston Globe faces possible shutdownThe New York Times Company shocked the newspaper industry with its treat to shutdown the Boston Globe as early as May 1st. Claiming that the Globe could cost the company more than keeping it in business, the Times Co. intends to follow suit unless the Globe’s union agrees to $20 million in concessions. The Boston Herald could barley disguise its glee in covering this story. –The Boston Herald

“I Dreamed a Dream” singer dreams to sing for QueenTelevision and YouTube sensation Susan Boyle was unexpectedly catapulted into the spotlight after singing the Les Miserables song during a Britain’s Got Talent episode. A clip of Boyle’s performance had more than 11 million views on YouTube by Thursday. The 47 year old, who says she had never kissed and lives with her cat, stunned the audience who at first laughed and sniggered. The unemployed charity worker hopes to win the opportunity to sing for Queen Elizabeth II. –CNN