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Sports Shorts

Not WeightWatchers Friendly

The Building That Excess Built, New Yankee Stadium made its Major League debut last Thursday. The New York Yankees and C.C. Sabathia got knocked around to the tune of a 10-2 loss in the park’s inaugural game. The $1.5 billion stadium is everything that America stands for: gluttony and immoderation. Whether it’s the $12, 2,473 calorie “bucket” of popcorn, the 1,410 calorie plate of nachos or the 1,341 calorie cheese fries, this new Shrine to Excessiveness is worrisome. How big will the Waistline of America become?

Five Kilos Too Much

Former Denver Broncos running back Travis Henry admitted to a single count of conspiracy to possess cocaine with intent to distribute last Thursday in Montana. Henry was apparently the “money guy” of the operation that shuttled cocaine between Colorado and Montana. Henry is free on $400,000 bail, but he recently has asked for reductions in his child support obligations and has sold his Colorado property. Two lessons here: Don’t sell drugs, and wrap it up.

Arenas Turning Over New Leaf

Washington Wizards guard Gilbert Arenas wants to change his on-court role next season, telling the Washington Post he wants to “turn into a real point guard. To be honest I want to lead the league in triple doubles next season,” Arenas said. The holders of an abysmal 19-63 record this season, the Wizards may need more than a shoot-first guard attempting to be a distributor in order to turn shit around in the Nation’s capital.

Gilroy a Leaf?

Boston University hockey star Matt Gilroy took in Game One of the Boston Bruins first round playoff series against the Montreal Canadians last Thursday, and news began surfacing that the 25-year-old Gilroy may choose the Toronto Maple Leafs as his NHL destination next season. Gilroy wants to play right away and with the Leafs in a rebuilding process, there seems to be a fit there. Toronto fans have elevated him to celebrity status in the past few weeks, as Gilroy remarked, “it’s been crazy. The press I’ve been getting up there is unbelievable.”