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A Shot of Arts

This week in Hollywood:

Michael Phelps, 8 time Olympic Gold Metal Champion Smokes pot. So do the majority of college age kids. Why do we think that because he is an Olympic Athlete that he is immune to having fun? Rage on my friend, rage on.

Christian’s looking for a Bale Out. Actor Christian Bale caught on tape ripping a cameraman a new, well you know. This comes after charges of pushing his mother and abusing his sister. Please folks, if you’re still surprised that The Dark Night actor is a jerk, remember he was in the movie, American Psycho.

He’s Just Not That Into You. The much-anticipated movie based off the best selling book came out this weekend. Ladies- read, watch, listen and learn and don’t let message of the movie be lost while staring at Ben Affleck and Bradley Cooper. Remember, if you have to try at all, he’s just not that into you.

Etta James Lashes Out On Beyonce. After singing “At Last’ at Obama’s Inauguration, the song that James made famous, she criticized Beyonce saying “she’s going to get her ass whipped”. Sounds pretty threatening Etta, you do know Beyonce is married to Jay-Z and he’ll “do anything necessary for her, so don’t let the necessary occur”.

“The Student Arts Events Council has a wicked road trip planned for you! On February 21, we leave the Campus Center at noon and arrive at Pats Peak in N.H. at 2:00pm. Skiing and snowboarding will be available at 3:00pm. Tubing will be available at 5:00pm. We’ll leave N.H. at 9:30pm and return by 11:30pm. Transportation, lift tickets, and rentals included. Purchase tickets in Student Activities, Campus Center, 3rd Floor. $30 students/$45 non-students. Limit 2 per ID – While Supplies Last”