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While you were watching the Oscars…

LAPD Photo LeakThe Los Angeles Police Department accidentally leaked a photo of Rihanna after her attack by boyfriend Chris Brown. The photo shows Rihanna with a swollen face and split lip. Looks like the proof is in the photo Chris, good luck trying to get out of this one. Brown could face up to 9 years in jail for his actions. There is no Doublemint Gum in jail.

Bristol Palin Goes On The RecordThe Fox News show, On The Record, interviews new mother Bristol Palin, Sarah Palin’s 18 year old, unmarried daughter. She speaks for the general teen population when she says “abstinence isn’t realistic”. She forgot to mention that birth control is effective when you take it! Oh yeah, her mom is Sarah Palin and she wasn’t allowed to be on birth control, I bet you regret that one Mom!

“Bin Laden” Located in White House Tuesday, a Yahoo headline reported on that the terror hunt for “Obama” Bin Laden has been narrowed down to three sites. Three sites for Obama Bin Laden? Come to think of it, the White House would be a hell of a hiding spot! Crack reporting, Yahoo. As a leading site for news-seekers on the net, you owe it to yourselves to spell-check every once in a while.

Playmate Leave Heff for Player”Girl’s Next Door” star and Hugh Hefner’s former girlfriend Kendra Wilkinson finally broke the news to the Playboy founder that she’s leaving him to be with her fiance, Philadelphia Eagles football player Hank Baskett. Jealous of Wilkinson’s new wide receiver beau, Hefner recruited a pair of twins to play tight ends in his huddle.

Mini Tiger Tiger Woods Ya’llWoods posted pictures of his son Charlie, born February 8, 2009, on his website saying “Elin, Sam and I are very excited for the new baby to arrive, although that’s when the real lack of sleep begins”.

Time to Change SocksThe Clinton Family had to say goodbye to their family cat, Socks. Socks was 20 years old and was bought for Chelsea and then became one of the most popular pussycats while living in the White House.

Winning American Idol Doesn’t Pay EnoughSeason two winner of American Idol, Ruben Studdard, owes a quarter of a million dollars in back taxes. Looks like its time to hit the Dollar Menu at McDonalds, which hopefully has a salad or two on it. One certainty is that Studdard did not blow his cash on gym fees.