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Come for the Art, Stay for the Booze

If you find yourself sitting on your ass with nothing to do on a Friday night, take a look at the calendar. Is it the first Friday of the month? If not, keep your derrière seated and continue watching one of VH1’s many lowbrow dating shows. But is it the first Friday? If so, take a shower to get rid of that,”I’ve been sitting around and doing nothing” smell and head to 450 Harrison Ave. in Boston’s South End.

There, you will find an eclectic group of characters brought together by one of two things: either one of the many art galleries and studios open to the public, or the free booze.Whether you go as an art student looking for inspiration, a buyer who has somehow saved up money in this economy to buy expensive art, or a wino who is looking for a monthly free fix, there is something for everyone.

The galleries and studios offer paintings ranging from expressionist to abstract, sculpture, prints, videos, drawings, rugs, furniture, vintage clothing, and even a game room gallery where you can play free pool!

Although the galleries generally boast the more impressive collections, it’s wise to also look at the artist studios. There you will find jewelry, hats, photographs, and one of many favorites; metal furniture reworked to meet a retro sci-fi aesthetic.

So if it’s the first Friday of the month, bring a date, drink some wine, play some pool, and check out Boston’s art scene in the South End (and if you don’t have a date, you might just meet one there!).

Did I mention the wine is free?Come for the Art, Stay for the Booze