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Arts for the Week- The Mass Media Staff offers Their Picks

Book of The Week

Corelli’s Mandolin: Epic. This is perhaps the only word to describe this soaring novel by Louis de Bernières. The book consists of intertwining tales that beautifully move together in a vibrant mix of characters and the small island of Cephalonia, Greece. Make sure you have some time to devote to reading because you might lose a couple of days without even realizing it.

Movie of the Week

A Shot in The Dark: As Finals approach the a freight train of doom ready to destroy to you will to live as you wonder if you will ever sleep again, it might be nice to escape from a couple hours. A Shot in the dark is Blake Edwards first foray into the world of the bumbling and accident prone Inspector Clouseau played by Peter Sellers. To me Peter Sellers is one of the greatest comedic actors of all time and this movie will have you laughing at his lovable and stupid character of the inspector as he leaves destruction in his wake yet somehow manages to solve the case.

Artist of the Week

Piero Manzoni: In 1961 this artist shit into 90 small cans and sold them at the then current price of gold. He accomplished something the alchemists wasted years of their lives attempting, only he didn’t turn a common metal into gold but instead his own excrement. For actually accomplishing this and imbuing these cans with some sort of artist intrigue I must declare him a genius. Unfortunately he died at the age of 29 leaving a career of possibilities unfulfilled.

Album of the Week

Sunny Side of the Moon by Richard Cheese: With a name like Richard Cheese you could only become a Las Vegas lounge singer who adds pep to your favorite angst filled or popular songs while wearing a velor tiger print smoking jacket. He has turn out many albums including I’d Like A Virgin and Lounge Against the Machine. All the albums are pretty classic (and not to be taken seriously) but Sunny Side of the Moon includes one of Cheese’s best numbers where he speeds up U2’s emotionally stirring Sunday Bloody Sunday and sings it in a perfectly oblivious happy and upbeat way.