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Platform Statements from Some Student Candidates

Student Trustee candidate Gray Milkowski

Student Trustee candidate Gray Milkowski

*Disclaimer: The statements were not changed or edited in any shape or form by the Mass Media*

Gray Milkowski – running for Student Trustee

“I am running to be Student Trustee so that the voice of UMass Boston students can be heard by the Board of Trustees. If elected, I hope to use my experience to advocate for every student at UMass Boston, and help make decisions remembering that students should always be put first.”


Gilary Arias – running for Student Trustee

“I am Gilary Arias I am running for Student Trustee, I believe in the vision of the UMB as a vibrant beacon of multiculturalism, free though, and community leadership. I will provide a connection between the students and the Board of trustee for a better UMass Boston.”


Katelyn Mitrano & Sara Tariq – running for USG President & VP

“As Student Body President and Vice President, our top priority will be the satisfaction of the student population. We are prepared to continue the ongoing projects in the Executive Branch. The main goals of our Administration will be to increase transparency, involvement, and welfare of all students. Vote Mitrano/Tariq!”


Wyatt Doyle & Mohammed Uddin – running for USG President & VP

“As President and Vice-President, we will represent the voices of our diverse student body. Our goal is to build up our community, advocate for student interests, and direct the focus of the university back to the students of today.  Vote for us, and together we can build a better UMass Boston.”


Vaibhav Sabharwal – running for GSA President

“Part of the UMass Community since Fall 2016. Voicing opinion of all UMB Graduate Students ever since. Graduate International Relations Candidate. Treasurer for the GSA. On the Committee for Revision of Code of Conduct for UMB. Most importantly, always putting students first. Vaibhav Sabharwal for President, Graduate Student Assembly.”


Yaeli Foint – running for GSA President

Yaeli Foint is a PhD student in the Organizations & Social Change program at UMass Boston. As an undergraduate, she served on the student government executive board and on the board of directors for the university. Communication and connection will be central to her representation of the graduate student body.


Kirsten Christensen – running for GSA Vice President

“As Vice President, I will work to further academic and professional development and raise student voices to develop and strengthen our graduate community. My experience and skills in organization and community outreach will foster our presence on campus as graduate students and secure essential resources for learning and research.”


Yuechan Lu – running for GSA Treasurer

“Being a Finance PhD student, I will proactively support your professional development by streamlining the PDG application process through an up-to-date GSA portal. Having managed budgeting for a 2000-member student association previously, it would be my honor to serve GSA members in this position. Let’s make our community stronger together!”


Dustin L. Snider – running for GSA Treasurer

“As a first year finance PhD, I’ve been made privy to the resources graduate students can have access to for funding. It is my hope to make sure that process is as seamless as possible.  I also hope to be able to help create transparency with the various fiscal meetings.”


George R. Chichirau – running for GSA Treasurer

“I think an ideal treasurer has an orderly mind and a methodical way of thinking, experience with money and budgeting, an eye for detail and good interpersonal skills. I’m pretty good under all categories. Vote for me?”


Jainam Shah – running for GSA Treasurer

“I believe in getting things done fast. Have faith in me and lets go ahead together making our university great.”


Saurabh Raut – running for GSA Treasurer

“I’m Saurabh Raut your fellow student. I am running for the office of Treasurer at Graduate Student Assembly (GSA). Somethings I would like to do are, open a platform for innovative ideas, and promote various social activities on campus. Please reach out to me on [email protected] for further interaction.”