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MLB 2017 Predictions: How Each Division Will Shape Up

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We are a few weeks away from opening day! And so in this article, we will cover the analysis of the predictions for MLB teams, conducted by FanGraphs.

In the American League East, is it predicted that the Red Sox will come in first (97-65), followed by the Blue Jays (86-76), then the Orioles (83-79), then the Yankees (81-81), and finishing up with the Rays (70-92).

The Sox have a young and great offense. Their rotation has three aces: Rick Porcello, Chris Sale, and David Price. The Blue Jays also have a good rotation, and have third baseman Josh Donaldson. The Orioles have Ubaldo Jimenez, who will continue hitting home runs to bring the team to victory. However, the Yankees are probably going to miss the postseason again for the fourth time in the last five years. Their rotation is pretty weak, and the team is aging. Meanwhile, the Rays’ rotation might improve, but they are missing good pitchers like Matt Moore.

For the American League Central, it is predicted that the Indians will come in first (100-62), followed by the Detroit Tigers (84-78), then the Kansas City Royals (77-85), then the Minnesota Twins (69-93), and finally the Chicago White Sox (64-98).

The Indians were able to make it to Game Seven in the 2016 World Series. They definitely have potential for this year, especially with a closer like Cody Allen. The Tigers’ bullpen has veteran players like Justin Verlander, but aging players lead to the likelihood of injuries. Overall, though, the offense is on fire. The Royals need some rebuilding in the rotation, but luckily they still have Lorenzo Cain and Eric Hosmer. The Twins and the White Sox have young new stars on their teams, but having new players does not always mean making the playoffs.

For the American League West, predictions are that the Astros will come in first (91-71), followed by the Mariners (88-74), then the Rangers (85-77), then the Angels (78-84), and finally the Athletics (63-99).

The Astros have an intense lineup consisting of Carlos Correa and George Springer. The Astros have updated and improved their roster overall. The Mariners probably have not made the postseason in over 10 years. Things could change, however, with 10 new players. The Rangers are good with their roster, even without Carlos Beltran. The Angels have improvement by adding Danny Espinosa, but the main question is: is it good enough? The Athletics, who came in last in 2016, are only able to rely on their ace Sonny Gray. Yikes!

Let’s look at the National League. For the East, the prediction is that the Nationals will come in first (93-69), followed by the Mets (86-76), then the Marlins (83-79), then the Braves (76-86), and bringing up the rear will be the Phillies (73-89).

The Nationals still have 2015 MVP winner Bryce Harper, and also hold high hopes for Stephen Strasburg this season. The Mets continue to have veteran players, but have not made any changes to their roster. The Marlins need to work on their bullpen, since there is no ace. As for the Braves and the Phillies, both teams need to improve. They have motivated young players, but lack experience.

For the Central League, the predictions are that the Chicago Cubs will come in (101-61), followed by the Cardinals (90-72), then the Pittsburgh Pirates (82-80), then the Reds (67-95), and finally the Brewers (62-100).

The Cubs won the 2016 World Series and have the potential to win again. The Cardinals have a good outfield, and the postseason is common for the Cardinals. The Pirates’ overall average last season was just under .500, so they might have a chance this year. The Reds have a decent rotation, but they might not make the cut. Meanwhile, the Brewers do not look so good with their roster.

And finally, for the West, the predictions are that the Dodgers will come in first (87-75), followed by the Rockies (84-78), then the Diamondbacks (81-81), then the Padres (57-105).

The Giants and the Dodgers are good teams, so I think they will do well. The Giants have gotten stronger with young Derek Law. The Dodgers have a good rotation. They just need to do some tweaking, and then they’ll be fine. The Rockies are well-known for having a great offense, which boosts the likelihood of winning. And the Diamondbacks may be successful with the return of David Peralta. But who knows? And unfortunately, the Padres had a horrible record with a 68-94 last season; for them, chances are slim.
Fans are all anticipating the outcome of this season; I wonder if these predictions are correct!