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November 27, 2023

Hot Streak of Villains in ‘The Flash’ Comes To An End


Anybody who is a fan of “The Flash” on CW understands the hype that surrounded this current season. Season two was overall amazing; some might argue that it was even better than season one.

However, after the events that transpired in the season finale, every fan knew that Barry Allen had just created Flashpoint. To any comic book reader, this means a complete disaster for the timeline. Yet, when the season got going, it was great, especially when we saw the effects of Flashpoint. However, business really picked up at the first appearance of the season’s main villain, Savitar.

The speedster was originally portrayed as “The God of Motion,” an individual who felt threatened by The Flash’s speed and decided to challenge him. The first shots of Savitar were executed with spectacular CGI, which created a really awesome design. And trust me when I say that Savitar is the fastest speedster we have ever seen. He is so fast that every time he moves, he immediately enters the speed force and practically teleports. That is how fast he is.

Needless to say, I was pretty excited to find out what this season would entail.

However, the plot took a turn for the worse after some poor writing, particuarly focusing on Savitar’s character. The team at S.T.A.R. Labs eventually discovered that Savitar is not actually a god, but is really just a man in a suit of armor.

Talk about let downs! I mean, the narrative practically writes itself! The physical manifestation of the speed force emerges, angry at Barry that he created Flashpoint. Furthermore, he feels slighted by his ability to do such a thing. This would lead Savitar to challenge The Flash, resulting in an epic final battle between the two. However, this apparently was just too simple for “The Flash” writers.

“The Flash” TV series has really thrived on its top-notch villains. Although it is only in its third season, the show has already produced not only two of the best villains in the Arrowverse, but two of the best villains ever seen on Superhero TV. In season one, we got Eobard Thawne, a.k.a. The Reverse Flash. A man whose villainy speaks for itself, he is obsessed with nothing more than ruining Barry Allen’s life just for the sake of hurting him. And, my god, was he methodical in how he went about it. In his simplicity, he is truly one of the most dastardly villains ever created.

In the second season, we got Hunter Zolomon, a.k.a. Zoom. At first, we did not know Hunter was Zoom. In fact we didn’t even know Hunter was Hunter. Through the first three quarters of the season, Zolomon paraded around as Jay Garrick, and pretended to be Barry’s friend. He got very close to The Flash so he could prey on his only weakness: his loved ones. He did this to steal his speed and become the true “Fastest Man Alive.” His plan was evil on every level. Even as just a presence, you won’t find anyone on TV more menacing than Zoom.

Coming off so much great storytelling surrounding the main villains, I truly felt that “The Flash” would nail Savitar. He had all the potential that The Reverse Flash and Zoom did; he had the looks, he was very menacing, and he was a whole lot faster than Barry. However, so far they have dropped the ball with Savitar. It is incredibly disappointing after so much promise early on, but one can only hope that the writers at CW can salvage Savitar with something like some more awesome CGI, and a little more screen time.
However, going off what we’ve seen so far, that’s probably a little bit too much to ask.