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Starling Marte Suspended

After failing a PED test, outfielder Starling Marte has been suspended for 80 games.

Marte has been considered one of the best athletes on the Pittsburg Pirates. And since 2015, he has been an MVP. He will be able to return after the all-star break, but that still means no Marte until July. Pirates pitcher Gerrit Cole explains that it’s unfortunate and that’ll be difficult without him, but the Pirates will be able to get through it.

The drug that Marte tested positive for was nandrolone, which is an anabolic steroid that became very popular during the Olympics. Nandrolone has been around for years; in 2003, there were 73 tests results that came back positive. During this time, the MLB decided to conduct random testing to find out who was using performance-enhancing drugs. Many argue that those using the drug cannot be “unaware,” considering the only way to inject this kind of steroid is through needles. The drug is easy to become addicted to, so most athletes wouldn’t even think of using it.

Marte apologized to his team, his family, and the MLB. He stated that he feels embarrassed, and is sorry that he let a lot of people down.  He says he “promises to learn the lesson this ordeal has left me.”

Pirates players were glad that Marte was apologetic and sincere, considering how other players who have been caught for using drugs and suspended go M.I.A. after their suspensions without making any statements. Chicago Cubs first baseman Anthony Rizzo was shocked to hear the news, and explains that this is a big risk. He believes that the MLB needs to have more frequent drug testing to make sure all players are the real deal.

Marte has had five seasons with the Pirates so far; he had a .288 average, 60 home runs, and 242 RBI’s. This season, Marte was only able to play in 13 games. From those games, he managed two home runs and seven RBI’s.

The Pirates look forward to having Marte back, but they’re going to continue playing well without him. To replace Marte, they received Jose Osuna from the Triple A team, the Indianapolis Indians. Osuna performed decently during spring training, with a batting average of .250.

The 28-year-old was doing a great job on the Dominican Republic team for the 2017 World Baseball classic. The president of the Pirates, Frank Coonelly, explains that he is truly disappointed in Marte’s actions, stating that it puts the organization in a bad position. To add to that, Marte’s suspension will cost him $2.2 million. The Pirates are currently in third place, but even if they make it to the playoffs, they will not have Marte play. After all, there are rules that they need to follow, which Marte clearly broke.

On top of Marte, the Pirates are also suffering after losing Jung Ho Kang. He is currently back in his hometown in South Korea, as he was denied a work visa. The Pirates have a lot of figuring out to do this year, especially considering they are in in the same division as the Cubs, who have a lot of potential this year.