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Drag Queens Take UMass Boston by Storm

Entertainment comes in all forms, appears in all venues, spreads its value across all mediums. And the University of Massachusetts Boston certainly got a show last Wednesday, April 19, when it hosted its annual Drag Show.

Professional drag queens and student performers were welcomed to the stage to strut their stuff, in high heels and outrageously fashionable hair styles. As one of the queens who performed on stage, I was able to view the show not only from the audience, but from backstage. Not that it mattered where you watched—whether you were on the third floor terrace or sitting in the audience, everyone who attended was in for a treat.  And since this is my last semester at UMass Boston, it was great to not only have another chance to watch, but another chance to perform as Inita.

While slightly delayed, the performing queens did not fail to deliver in their performances. With favorites like Kris Knievil returning to the stage, along with a set of new faces, each queen was stellar in their performance. What was most notable about their time on stage was just how quickly they were able to change their costumes. Songs would change in a matter of seconds, and these performers would tear off their first costume in mere seconds to reveal a completely different one underneath. As per usual, none of these professionals disappointed.

The student performers, however, wouldn’t let them take the whole spotlight. Willow and Inita (otherwise known as yours truly) took the stage, as they did last year, and were welcomed with warm applause. New performers such as Olive Oil surprised the audience with their own stellar acts on the stage. As one of the student queens, it was nerve-wracking to go on the stage right after the professionals, and I could tell everyone else behind the scenes felt it too.  But none of that was visible on-stage—everyone owned their act.

For the number of people who attended the show, there weren’t enough seats by a long shot. People were lining up along the banisters on the second and third floors, curious as to why there were so many bright colors trotting across the stage, or overhearing the booming music and wondering what all the fuss was about. The crowd cheered as each queen performed, and the applause after each act could be heard all the way back at the Clark Athletic Center.

And of course, who could forget the jaw-dropping performance of Kelis’s “Milkshake?”

If there is one event that UMass Boston would be wise to keep, it would be the annual Drag Show. It’s always a wonderful, albeit late, time. And if nothing else, it gives the students at UMass Boston some pretty interesting stories to post to Snapchat.

A lot of these performers can be found in the Boston area! If you missed out this year on the show, I can’t recommend these queens enough. If you’re interested, I recommend heading to Jacque’s Cabaret on Park Street. While patrons do have to be over 21 to go, it’s only $10 per show.
Just be sure to tip your queens!