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UMass Boston’s Division of Student Affairs Acknowledges New Faculty


New UMass Boston employees are welcomed at a new staff member meet-and-greet.

The University of Massachusetts Boston has acknowledged new faculty members to its Student Affairs Division and the community on Oct. 18 with a meet-and-greet event at Point Lounge. Most of these new hires will support with the opening of UMass Boston’s upcoming residential community in August 2018. Students and faculty engaged in general conversation about new faculty members’ roles.

Special Assistant to the Vice Chancellor of Students Affairs, Michael Metzger, was acknowledged by UMass Boston’s community. Metzger is the assistant to Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs Gail DiSabatino who oversees student-led clubs and programs on campus.

Nick Sweeton is the new associate dean for housing and residence life. Sweeton told the Mass Media that while UMass Boston is going through a stage of transition from a commuter school to a residential campus, he is “very excited to bring on this residential experience to this campus, which will also change into a 24-hour campus environment.” Sweeton will also be working closely with Melynda Davis, the new director of the housing operation. Davis will be overseeing maintenance of the upcoming dormitories.

In the Office of Housing, Keith Waak was also hired as the new associate director of residential education. Waak currently works as UMass Boston’s Off-Campus Housing Coordinator. In his new position, Waak will provide leadership in consulting with student interest groups in regards to student housing and will work closely with Davis to ensure that students’ ideal sense of community is accomplished.

Chloe Strange is now the new assistant director of off-campus housing. According to Strange, even during a time of transition, nearly 55 percent of UMass Boston students are living off-campus. Strange also stated that UMass Boston’s off-campus housing page on the website has been the most visited website among students and other members of the community: “Off-campus housing is still very much relevant. I’m glad to help students,” Strange told the Mass Media. Strange said that she is looking forward to learning more about her new position during UMass Boston’s time of transition: “I’m enjoying it a ton because I get to help students.”

The Division of Student Affairs also introduced Julia Hvasley, the new program coordinator for the Office of Student Leadership and Community Development. Hvasley will oversee community leadership among students to act as a general consultant between students and faculty. On her new position, Hvasley said, “Everybody has been so welcoming and…I am most excited to learn about my new role.”

The Department of Public Safety also hired Deputy Chief of Police Kenneth Sprague. Sprague is also the associate director of public safety. Sprague is a retiree from the Transit Police after 20 years and said that he is looking forward to the new residence halls. “I want to see what challenge it brings,” Sprague told the Mass Media. “But give me a year, a year and a half, and I will know all of the students on campus,” said Sprague. His job will oversee and participate in general policing operations, including emergency response and ensuring safety at UMass Boston. “If we didn’t have students, there would be no need for public safety…The Police Department is going to be more active during a time of transition. We’re civil servants and we serve the public,” Sprague added.