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Style Spotter: William Rivera


Student Will Rivera.

Spotted on his way from class, William Rivera, a current University of Massachusetts Boston student, was stopped by the Mass Media’s Style Spotter. In the photo, Rivera is wearing a fur jacket from a thrift store. His shoes are rose-colored Dr. Marten’s.

“Everything else is basically basics from thrift stores,” said Rivera. He also added, “I have a skull necklace that I got from T.J. Maxx and a layered necklace that I think I won in a raffle.”

Rivera on the inspiration behind his outfit: “I like to mix subcultures of things that I represent, so, I like to mix in a little drag with whatever I wear. I like to make a statement but like a subtle statement like, ‘Oh, here I am.’”

A lot of Rivera’s inspiration for fashion comes from people who are “out-worldly fashionable” such as Cruella de Ville, Lady Gaga, or Marilyn Monroe.

“Just anyone who isn’t afraid to push the boundaries. I get a lot of my inspiration from drag queens so my outfits represent a lot of drag culture that I am into and that I follow,” said Rivera.