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Sound Off: Toxic Waste In Mass Should Be Regulated

Remember when the oil industry said they could regulate themselves? I guess the oil spill serves as proof about how well that worked out. We shouldn’t let the same thing happen with chemical plants. 1 out of 3 Americans are put at unnecessary risk in the case of a terrorist attack or accident.

There are 27 plants in Massachusetts alone that could kill or severely injure tens of thousands of people in our community if attacked. This problem doesn’t just stop in Massachusetts though. The 300 most dangerous plants combined have the potential to harm over 110 million Americans— that’s 1/3 of our population.

There are already solutions at hand. The Chemical and Water Security Act of 2009 (HR 2868) prioritizes the highest risk plants to convert if feasible (both technologically and economically) and specifically prohibits a conversion if the plant would be forced to shut down or move to another location. Plants have nothing to lose.

The House has already passed the bill in support of stronger chemical security legislation. Senator Brown, where’s your support? Bay Staters care about toxins in our community!


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