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Inside the Locker Room


Ryan Swann, Sophomore, Men?s Tennis

Every week, UMB athletes give us a taste of what goes on behind the scenes.

QUESTION: What’s one thing you love about the sport you play?

“The one thing I love about playing softball would have to be the adrenaline rush. In my high school years I played two other sports, and I’d definitely have to say that the most biggest rush I would get would be from playing softball. There’s nothing better than the excitement of getting a hit to score the tying run in the bottom of the seventh inning off of a pitcher you didn’t even think you could touch. I think the game has a lot to do with confidence within yourself and stringing together that confidence with your teammates to make things happen.”

-Erica Sherman, Junior, Softball

“One thing I love about tennis is that is has no time limit. It creates a unique opportunity, where no matter what the score is, it can always turn around. Unlike some sports, in tennis there is always a winner and a loser. We don’t get the luxury of calling it a tie. You have to be ready to go as long as it takes. It takes a lot of stamina.”

-Ryan Swann, Sophomore, Men’s Tennis

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Sebastian Lena served as the sports editor for The Mass Media the following years: 2009-2010 Lena also served as business manager Fall 2011