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The Weekly Debate: Cats vs. Dog – Cat

Cats are beautiful, elegant, sleek, regal creatures who were once worshiped by the Egyptians- and rightfully so. Their beauty and personality far exceeds that of a dog’s in many cases. Let me count the ways.

Dogs are often very needy, dumb animals who cannot look after themselves without the assistance of their owner. Cats, on the other hand, are independent and highly intelligent. They don’t have given extensive training in order to be housebroken. After all, they have an innate sense of how to use a litter box and can even be trained to use a toilet bowl. Cats never need bathing, they are quite capable of cleaning themselves thank you very much.

Cats don’t have to be walked. You’ll never see a cat owner walking their cat several times a day in all kinds of weather. Cats prefer to perch on a windowsill and enjoy the view from afar. They can sit for long periods of time watching the birds in a tree outside your window.

Cats don’t chew shoes and will never exhibit bad behavior if they are spayed or neutered. Provide them with scratching posts and your furniture will be saved from their claws. And they don’t make unnecessary noises like barking, bothering the neighbors.

Cats are very deft at getting what they want. A cat will catch a mouse, a dog will just stare at it or run away. Cats have much better survival instincts, just look at feral cat colonies. A dog will eat himself sick, whereas a cat will eat only until it is full.

While cats are happy to see you when you come home, they do not suffer separation anxiety like dogs do. Unlike dogs, cats don’t jump all over you and slobber. Cats are much more refined and are are low maintenance. Dogs on the other hand require constant attention.

Dogs come when they’re called for no reason. A cat is smart enough to come when it’s called if you offer it a treat. Cats and people are smarter than any dog and more people who own cats have college degrees.

Cats are also master hunters of household pests like mice and rats. Sneaking up on prey requires hard work on the part of a cat’s muscles. A dog will move forward with little effort by letting its body rise and fall while it takes great effort for a cat to keep its posture while it slinks low to the ground.

While both cats and dogs can be affectionate balls of fur, a loving cat is better to have in bed than a big old dog. Cats also are better to have curled up with in front of a roaring fire on a cold winter’s night.